Types of Gloves

Types of Gloves

There are many different types of gloves for different environments and applications. If you want to keep your hands protected, it’s important to select the right glove for the appropriate use. In this article, we’re going to assess which glove is best for each task according to the risk to your hands and the type of specialized protection offered by the glove.

Of course, there are other factors to consider when selecting the right glove for the job, such as the fit, function, and level of protection that it offers. But the most important thing is to have the right glove for the situation otherwise, your hands may not get adequate protection, in which case you’ll just be wasting your money.

But with so many options on the market, where do you start to look for the best gloves for your needs?

The process of choosing the right gloves can be overwhelming and that’s why most people end up just closing their eyes and reaching for the first pair they can reach. In an effort to make things easier for you, we have listed some of the most common types of gloves and their uses.


Types of Gloves and Their Uses

  • 1. Snowmobile Gloves


  • To keep hands warm while operating a snowmobile or sled
  • To enhance your grip on a snowmobile
  • To prevent hands from getting wet from the snow

For anyone heading out on a snowmobile, whether you’re a seasoned professional or a first-timer, it’s important to have a pair of high-quality snowmobile gloves. Your hands need protection from the wind, snow, and water whipping by during winter’s harsh conditions. A good pair of snowmobile gloves will allow you to properly handle and operate your sled.

But not all snowmobile gloves are made the same. Some brands are a lot better than others, but you will be able to choose the best snowmobile gloves for your needs if you know what important features to look for.

For instance, make sure that the palms have a non-slip grip which allows you to maintain firm control of your snowmobile. After all, a good pair of snowmobile gloves should do more than just keep you warm in winter, shouldn’t it? Some of the snowmobile gloves available on the market today come with additional features such as heating, weatherproof outer shells, and even goggle squeegees.

  • 2. Winter Gloves


  • To keep hands warm in winter

You may be climbing a frozen mountain or simply going up the steps to your apartment, either way, you need to keep your hands warm during winter. But how do you choose the best winter gloves from among the tons of options available to you?

One of the main features you need to look out for to keep yourself from having frozen fingers is the thickness of the gloves. Basically the thicker the glove, the warmer you are going to be. However, keep in mind that with thicker gloves comes more clumsiness too.

So try out the gloves you intend to buy for winter, if possible, and ensure that you are able to perform tasks like taking something out of your purse or wallet, tying your shoes, or any other everyday task that requires dexterity.

For most, it’s easy to prioritize warmth over movement – in which case, you might be better off with a pair of mittens. Also, ensure that the pair you get is easy to put on and take off because if they start out feeling a bit clumsy, you can be sure the gloves will only get harder to manipulate in colder winter weather.

  • 3. Industrial Gloves


  • For protecting hands while working in the manufacturing and production industries
  • For keeping hands safe for those who work in the chemical, electronics, printing and dying, paint and coating industries.

If you are a working professional in an industrial environment, you need a pair of gloves with a specialized design that features a proven track record for performing under stress within the field. Although industrial gloves are designed to protect your hands against a wide range of traumatic injuries such as cuts, burns, or broken bones, not all gloves have the same level of quality or durability.

You need to choose a pair of industrial work gloves that are made from a material that is not only durable but is also cut resistant and flame resistant to ensure that it won’t burn or melt, especially if your type of job poses the risk of burns and cuts to your hands.

The best types of materials for industrial gloves include Kevlar, leather, nylon, and high-performance polyethylene. Make sure that the gloves you choose to buy are made according to the safety standards set by either ANSI (American National Standards Institute) or the EU (European Union) safety standards.

  • 4. Medical Gloves


  • Used by doctors and medical healthcare professionals to conduct examinations
  • Used by surgeons to prevent contamination during surgeries
  • Used for protecting hands in the chemical and biochemical laboratories

These gloves are disposable and are mainly used during procedures or examinations in an effort to prevent cross-contamination between patients and caregivers. If you work in the medical field, it’s important to ensure that you get the rights to medical gloves for your needs.

In addition to getting the right fit, you also need to make sure that they are of high quality to avoid tears during use which could be potentially hazardous to your health.

There are two main types of medical gloves: surgical gloves and examination gloves. The sizing of surgical gloves is a lot more precise and they are made of a material that has a high level of sensitivity to allow for more precision and flexibility than examination gloves.

Examination gloves come in sterile on non-sterile options. These types of gloves have a wide area of application and can also be used in chemical laboratories as well as biochemical laboratories.

  • 5. Motorcycle Gloves


  • To protect the hands from scrapes and bruises in case of a fall or accident
  • To help manage and control your motorcycle in extreme weather conditions

A good pair of motorcycle gloves will not only protect your hands while you’re on the roads, but it will also enhance your performance and your handling of the vehicle. Different riding styles require different types of motorcycle gloves and it’s important to get the right kind according to what type of rider you are and the conditions around you.

There are gloves offered by some brands which serve more than one function. They are very useful in a variety of situations or driving conditions. When buying the best motorcycle gloves for your needs, you need to consider where you’ll most often be using the gloves.

The important thing here is to strike a good balance so that your gloves are not only tough and durable enough to give your hands adequate protection against the gravel in the case of a fall, but they also offer sufficient sensitivity to allow the smooth operation of your motorcycle.

  • 6. Cleaning Gloves


  • To protect hands from harmful substances while performing cleaning tasks

Cleaning gloves come in handy if you want to protect your hands from hot water, staining, or household chemicals. There are many types of cleaning gloves available, but the best ones are those that are durable while still affording you the flexibility to accomplish your cleaning tasks effectively.

Some gloves even go further and offer comfort,slip-resistant fingertips, etc. in addition to all the other features. These are features that you’ll greatly appreciate if you have to clean for lengthy periods of time and also in situations where you have to hold slippery plates and other items in a sink full of soapy water.

When choosing the best cleaning gloves, make sure you get a pair that is lined with foam inside instead of a traditional cotton lining as this will help to absorb moisture and keep your hands dry and comfortable even in the hottest weather.

  • 7. Fashion Gloves


  • To look great while protecting hands from the elements

Just because you want to keep our hands protected, doesn’t mean that you can’t have them looking good at the same time. There is a vast selection of fashion gloves available these days, and they vary in style and design from custom unique handmade gloves to fashionable mittens.

You can choose from a wide variety of elegant high-fashion leather gloves crafted in Italy or trendy, colorful statement gloves from young designer artisans – and everything in between.

There are different types, casual and formal styles, materials, sizes, and colors to indulge every preference. Just make sure that you measure your hand and compare it to the glove manufacturer’s sizing chart so that you get the right fit.

  • 8. Laboratory Gloves


  • To protect hands against chemicals and other harmful substances
  • Minimizes the risk of abrasions during work

This type of glove comes in a variety of materials including latex, natural rubber, butyl rubber, polychloroprene, polyethylene, nitrile, and PVC, among others. These materials come in different combinations and styles.

Choosing the best laboratory gloves for your needs comes down to the type of work you do. It’s important to ensure that you choose gloves that are chemically resistant, durable, and comfortable to wear. The gloves should be a perfect fit to allow you the flexibility to easily handle instruments as you work.

Some laboratory gloves may be flammable, particularly the lightweight disposable ones. This means you need to keep your hands away from high-temperature heat sources and naked flames.



These are just some of the different types of gloves available on the market today and their uses. The most important thing to remember when buying gloves are to ensure that they are of high quality and that they possess the features that are required for the purpose.

For instance, if you want winter gloves you may consider buying a pair that has heating or touchscreen capabilities to avoid having to take the gloves off in the cold to use your phone, and so on. You also want to ensure that your gloves are the right fit so that they don’t fly off during use.

Make sure that the pair you choose allows you enough flexibility to conduct the task you need them for in the first place because if you can’t use your hands properly while wearing the gloves, it sort of defeats their purpose.

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