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How to Win Darts: Top 10 Tips From Professional Players

Are you looking to learn how to win darts? Well, you have come to the right place. Winning darts takes time and practice, but if you follow these tips, you will be well on your way to success. There is nothing better than learning tips from professionals to help you improve your skills. By working on your skills, you will be able to blow the competition. So, without further ado, here are 10 tips to get you on track.


10 Tips From Professional Dart Players


1. Know The Rules

The rule for darts is an imperative thing to know if you are looking to sharpen your skills. With this in mind, you will not be disqualified or have penalties whenever you are playing. You definitely will not win if you do not know what is going on.

So, if you have some tournaments coming up, know the different types of games that may be coming up. In turn, you will be able to spruce up your knowledge for all of the competition to see. Some of the most common steel tip dart games include “01” and “cricket.” There are a plethora of guides online, from dart associations to Internet blogs.

One rule should be the measurements on the dartboard. Do you know how to score a double or triple ring, or what the scoring difference between an inner and outer bullseye truly is? Having this in mind will have you master the 18-inch dartboard, especially if you hit a single bull, worth 25 points, or a double bullseye (50 points). Aim for the double bullseye, but we will get how to become better further on in this write-up.


2. Getting The Scoring Down


The top dart players in the world know the scoring system at all levels. When a match happens, you have to score the match yourself. There will be no one scoring for you. The good news is that scoring darts is not a big deal at all. If you know how to count, then you can handle darts nicely.

With the board being divided into segments, you can range your scoring from 1 to 20. An outer ring doubles the score and the middle ring is tripled. If you are not a fan of manual scoring, there are dry erase scoreboards or even digital scoring boards. Whatever you are more comfortable with, use it to your advantage and benefit.

Make sure to double-check your work. There is nothing worse than scoring incorrectly and it costs you the tournament. By covering your bases, you will be well on your way to a successful dart match. Whoever can get the winning score first is the champion. Now that you understand scoring, let us move onto the perfect throw to make, so you can bullrush the competition.


3. Perfecting A Stance


When it comes to making the best throw in darts, you need to have the most accurate release. This comes down to stance, release, grip, and posture. However, you have to start with an appropriate stance. Stance involves correctly positioning the body. However, there are a few stances to consider.

There is a forward stance, side stance, and angled stance. Most people use a forward stance, but this is quite difficult to master. Start by using the dominant foot in the very front. Then, have the toe touch the line and point towards the dartboard. This will help with control and comfort.

The side stance is next. Place the edge of your front foot next to the throwing line. Have your throwing arm with your eye to limit other movements. This will help stay away from inaccuracy. Then, with the backfoot, have it behind the front foot. Also, the elbows should be placed in toward the body.

The angled stance might be one you would like to try as well. This involves a mid-stance that mixes the side and forward stance. The most experienced players go with this type of stance. Whatever you decide, make sure your shoulders and the dartboard create an angle of 90 degrees. With the arms relaxed and ready to roll, keep your feet on the ground when throwing.

Lastly, if you are left-handed, just flip the methodology and do the opposite. This way, even lefties can have success. No matter what hand you throw with, make sure to have it down to a science. Look at videos to help with the process if need be, too.


4. Aiming Higher Than You Think


When you improve your accuracy, you will improve your aim. But, as the adage says, “Practice makes perfect.” Playing more will continue to help you throw like you never thought possible. With improved hand-eye coordination, your accuracy will change in no time at all.

There are other ways to improve hand-eye coordination without playing darts necessarily. You can play games with balls to help in this process. Get a friend or family member to help you get on track with your accuracy. This is a fun way to improve your skills with darts.

With this kind of practice, you will see your aim of getting noticeably better tournament after tournament. Do not give up on the process because it is going to go a long way for you.


5. Figuring Out Your Playing Style


The longer you play darts, the more you will be able to understand the style you should play with. Only you will truly know your strengths and weaknesses. With this in mind, get a friend to watch your play. Many times, another’s perspective can help you figure out your issues. Also, you can video yourself to watch for inadequacies in your game.

From this point, you can correct your mistakes to make your misgivings into something positives. Then, your competition will never be able to take you down.

Another strategy you can use is to pick a spot on the dartboard if you have trouble with accuracy. Then, you can hit your mark when you need to make up points fast to take on the rest of your tournament with a victory. For example, if you like the reference to the left, then aim more to the right. Then, you will be good to go. Everyone has a bias. It is up to you to figure out how to fix yours. In this way, you can find ways to adapt to your surroundings more than you ever thought possible.


6. Time To Put In The Practice


The very best dart throwers in the world know how to win because they put in the work. You will not become an overnight success without practice. And even then, darts takes time to master, so get to practising. But, what should practice look like to become better and better?

Repetition is a great way to go. By repeating steps over and over again, you will see improvement if you stick to it. Other strategies include playing complete games. Some people think they should just work on throwing to a specific area on the dartboard. This could not be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is practising gameplay will get you ready for the real thing.

Also, when you play dart games completely, you will not feel pressure to do well because it is just practice. The mental fortitude one has in darts might be underestimated, too. To get yourself comfortable, it is imperative to get your mind right by playing with friends and loved ones. This way, you can have positive experiences that will propel you forward.

Lastly, by playing a real game when practising, you will run into situations where you can learn from certain situations in a dart game. Then, you can learn from your mistakes and succeed during the main event.


7. Getting The Right Gear


In most sports across the world, having the right gear is an essential part of the process. This is no different when it comes to darts. To practice, you need to have some quality gear that can set you apart from the competition. Luckily for you, there are a ton of options for you to consider.

For example, the Winmau Blade 5 Dartboard is one of the best on the market. It clearly shows you the scoring marking on the board, so it is easier for you to keep score than ever before. Or you can check out the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800. If you like an electric board that does the scoring for you, this is the way to go. However, the price is more than double the first option.

The most inexpensive model of the bunch is the Unicorn Eclipse Pro. This ultra-slim model is a simple board that is a great starter option. Whatever you decide to go with, owning a dartboard is an important piece to the puzzle. If you do not own a dartboard, then go to the nearest bar, club, pub, or dart establishment playing darts with a whole crew of people.

Every dart set should come with a minimum of 6 darts. This is a great starting number to practice with. If you are in the running for some new darts, check out CC-Exquisite Professional Darts, Viper Diamond, or IgnatGames Steel Darts. These are all quality options for you to consider.

Lastly, you need to carry your darts around, so why not get a sweet dart case. Most range between $25-$50, so you can protect your darts and look good doing it. There is plenty of gear to observe, but create a budget and stay within your parameters.


8. The Right Set-Up


Now that you have the right gear, it is time to turn our attention to how you set up your dartboard. You may have the nicest dartboard on the planet, but if it is not set up appropriately, then you might be in trouble.

For starters, make sure that the bullseye is exactly 5 feet, 8 inches off the floor. These is the professional measurements that all tournament officials use. Next, have a spot on the floor that shows others where they can throw from. The rule for soft darts involves being 8 feet away from the dartboard.

On the other hand, with the steel tip variety, you and the competition should be 7 feet and 9.25 inches away. Also, you should know that the throw line is also called the “oche.” By knowing the terminology, you will truly know the ins and outs of darts.

The final piece of an amazing set-up involves a cabinet to put your dartboard in. But, know this is the most expensive part of darts. Ranging from $100 to $250+, your bank account will get drained with this purchase.


9. Knowing Your Mat


Sometimes in darts, a throw can go wrong. That is why you need a mat for added protection. This is certainly one of the best investments you will make when it comes to the game of darts.

Mats are good for a few reasons. First, mats can help you measure out distances between the oche and the dartboard itself. Secondly, you can protect your walls and floor from damage. Darts can put holes in places you never wanted in the first place.

A lot of mats you can purchase in the 21st Century are more of the throw rug variety. This way, you can roll them up when you are done with their services. Ranging from $50 to $100, there is a mat for you to buy. You can also buy a mat that is more prominent if you so desire but understand this will cost more in the short term. But, you may save yourself repair costs in the long run.


10. Minimizing The Noise


Nothing is worse than playing in a dartboard arena where it is loud and obnoxious. To have as much fun as possible, try to position your dartboard, or go to places, where you can get some peace. Darts has a lot to do with mental focus. If you want to practice with loud distractions all around you, then that is your prerogative. Ultimately, if you get into big tournaments, you will be in quiet spaces and you look to be victorious.

More often than not, playing in a loud area will make you miss more in the long run. Also, if the area around the dartboard is loud, you can expect there are a lot of people nearby, too. Darts can have some serious safety implications, so make sure you and others walk around the dart playing area or someone could get seriously injured.


Final Thoughts


Now that you know to handle steel tip darts, it is time for you to make your friends and family look at you in awe and wonder. Remember that practice is the key to success. Even a little time every day will help keep you consistent and finely tuned. Be confident knowing that you have put in the time. This way, you will find success wherever you go. Best of luck in the dart world! You will not be disappointed with this wonderful sport that is good to play any season of the year.

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