how high is a dart board

How High is a Dart Board

If you are a big fan of darts, it is important to know how high is a dartboard? With the help of a great dartboard, your set of darts (steel or soft), and a safe place to play, you will be well on your way to having loads of fun. However, if you do not have the right height for your dartboard, there could be big concerns. Not only your fun will be limited, but there will be safety issues as well.

With this in mind, read up on the information below. The material will help you get the appropriate measurements when you are trying to install your very own dartboard. Sure, you can have someone install it for you, but where is the fun in that. By installing your dartboard, you will have peace of mind with your setup when people come over to your place to play.


How High is a Dart Board: Step by Step Guide

The first thing you need to know about the dartboard is the fact that there is a standard internationally for darts. This measurement, also called the “clock” board, is one that most diehards live by. The measurements here include a diameter of 18-inches and it has 20 numbers created equally across the board. There are double and triple rings, as well as an inter and out bullseye.

Regulations for the Dartboard

When it comes to the height of the actual dartboard, the standard system is 5 feet 8-inches. This is measured from the center of the bullseye to the floor below. Also, you need to have the appropriate distance from the throwing line to the very front of the dartboard. However, this is different whether you have steel tip or soft tip darts.

Steel Vs. Soft Tip Darts

If you have steel tips darts, then from the throwing line to the front of the dartboard needs to be 7 feet and 9.25 inches apart. With the soft tip darts, it is even further at 8 feet apart. When marking the throw line, you can use soft tape to give you a temporary solution. However, if you are wanting to be more tournament friendly, real darts uses what they call a “hockey.”

Now, you will not have to know anything about hockey to use this method when playing darts. A “hockey” is a throwing line of sorts that raising 1.5 inches off the ground. In darts, you have to throw behind the line.

There is also a steel tip diagonal that you need to understand as well. For the perfect geometry construction, there is a steel tip diagonal that needs to measure at 9 feet and 7 and 3/8-inches. When you have this appropriately done, then you will know that you have your dartboard placed well on your wall. The correct measurements matter here, and you must follow through with what they need to be for your dartboard.

However, if you want to get real technical, why not try a toe line market that is battery operated. A laser will mark the area that you need to stay behind. There are even some versions that beep if something passes over the line. How high-tech is that?

Mounting Location

Since you have the distances down, it is time for mounting your dartboard location. With the board flush up against the wall, make sure you have the 20 at the top of your dartboard installation. Next, do not put your dartboard near a window or other valuables. Darts can bounce around, especially with people that are a beginner’s level.

Also, you do not want to have darts in an area where people need to walk to and fro. Instead, have it away from your home’s traffic. Darts can be dangerous if not handled with care, and the situation truly matters. To further protect yourself, hard floors are the best place for darts. Wood or concrete can propel you in the right direction, or you can go with a dart mat that can save your floors and your wall.

The last thing you need to think about is the scoreboard. Most people install the scoreboard to the left or right of the dartboard. This gives you easy access to keeping score when playing darts.

Men’s Vs. Women’s Darts

In most leagues across the world, men and women throw the same distances. However, there are some leagues where the women’s distance shrinks from 7 feet 6 inches to 7 feet. But, in this day and age, equality is winning out more and more, knowing that women can handle the throwing distance.

Wheelchair Measurements

Well, what if there is someone in a wheelchair. How do the distances change? Well, in traditional darts, the dartboard is 173 centimeters (cm) off the ground. When it comes to a wheelchair player, the height should only be 137 cm at the center of the bullseye. There are also specific dartboard frames made, like the Wildfire 137, to help with the change. This way, people with a wide variety of ability ranges can be a part of this sport.



We have come to the end of the article, but now it is time for you to make your mark in the darting world. By knowing the appropriate heights and measurements, you will be very ready for official gameplay like you never thought possible. This way, you can go out there and practice to become the best dart player around.

You may play for fun, for competition, or money. Whatever the reason, measure properly so you can have the best chance of success. If you do not follow these measurements, you may struggle when darts comes full circle at someone else’s place. So, get your measuring tape out and get to work. Your hard work will pay off for years to come. Then, you can go have a blast playing the sport you love and are passionate about: darts.

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