Car Tires Brands

Car Tires Brands

You can liken tires to the shoes you wear. They’re that important and form a crucial part of any vehicle you can think of. Tires have come a long way from being just a functional tool to serving different purposes all at once. Think about the fashionable aspect, key properties they’re made from, durability, and a host of other factors. For this reason, car tires brands offer different capabilities to willing customers.

With great tires, car users experience much-needed comfort in any area they navigate. But the catch is, what brand of tires offer more than the rest? Of course, there are many to look into since only one brand can’t rule it all. In line with that, here are the 10 tire brands you can count on.

10 Best Tire Brands

1. Goodyear

Goodyear is one of the best tire brands in the United States and the world over. Since its establishment in Ohio for more than 10 decades, it has gone on in leaps and bounds. First with being one of the brands to figure out how to make tubeless tires and then supplying racing tires to Henry Ford. Whether you live in a dry or wet area, these tires provide ample stability, handling, and motion. What’s more, they are not all that expensive and with the value, they promise, you’ll have a good number of years riding with them.

Furthermore, this brand isn’t just about car tires. They offer a wide variety of tires that cover a good number of vehicles such as FWD’s and truck carriages. The models of Goodyear you want to be familiar with include the Assurance (Triple Tread All-Season), EfficientGrip, Wrangler, and the Eagle (F1 Asymmetric).


2. Michelin

Michelin is surely one of the biggest producers of the best car tires. Founded in the 18th century, this brand has stood the test of time producing models other brands take inspiration from. One of such is the radical tire which set the tone for tire design. Think about wholesome movements, handling, durability, the balance of traction and Michelin has it all. But there’s a catch. Thanks to its brand name and reputation for producing the best, the prices are a sticking point. You’ll have to pay good money for this brand’s tires but the value you receive is overwhelming.

Michelin tires will spare you a lot on your fuel usage and still give consideration to the ecosystem. This way, you can navigate several terrains without worrying about carbon footprints. Some of the top performers you can get include the Michelin Defender, the Michelin Premier As, and the Michelin Primacy MXV4.


3. Pirelli

“Pirelli: Power is nothing without control,” is one of the quotes that come with this brand. This brand is Italian and it’s hard to point out anything wrong with it. Further, they’re popular on the race tracks with most products racing the Formula 1 grids. This is one of the reasons why they’re quite on the high side in terms of price. Even though most of them are small and present a short diameter, they offer value for car users. Also, they have a very strong grip, traction, and balance. If you’re one who isn’t willing to give up on speed, Pirelli is the brand for you. But you’d be even more comfortable on the race tracks.

Pirelli is known for its high-performance tires and the properties used in building them are second to none. The Pirelli P Zero and the Pirelli P4 Four Seasons, are high-performance models you can get for your car.


4. Yokohama

The Yokohama brand is a proven tire known for its traction and handling. Whether you’re driving in a wet or dry condition, expect tighter grips to keep control. Based in Japan and established in the 19th century, this brand also produced Japan’s first class of tubeless tires. Not bad for a brand that has covered a lot of areas from race tracks and now, regular roads. Further, with the latest technology, materials, and other properties, the main focus of Yokohama tires is high-quality performance.

There are quite a number of models to choose from since Yokohama covers a wide variety of tires for different vehicles. If you’re looking for something eco-friendly, the Yokohama BlueEarth is the model for you. Other popular and high-performance models include the Yokohama Geolander and Drive models.


5. Continental

Any tires brand that started off as a rubber manufacturer would most likely have the edge in tire making. This is the case with the Continental. This brand started out making rubbers thanks to a group of German bankers and industrialists in the 18th century. Also, it has lasted this long thanks to a good range of reliable tires models sporting optimum handling and quality. The continental might have made the switch to manufacturing bicycle tires (it still makes them), but the real beauty it’s in the car tires.

With other established brands posing a threat in the market, Continental has come up with a great line of tires to choose from. The testing of areas such as handling, grips and other aspects, shows a high-performance brand. Add to that the fact that you can afford them for all the value they bring. Great performance models include the Continental Extreme Contact and the Continental Pure Contact.


6. Bridgestone

Coming from two companies – Firestone in 1900 (America) and Bridgestone (Japan) in 1931, this manufacturer is a force to reckon with. The merger took place in 1988 and led directly to the brand topping the charts in terms of tire and rubber manufacturing. Bridgestone is that large and has a good range of rayon cord tires famous for making an impact in the tire industry. What’s more, you can add radial tire construction to their line of achievements and industry-leading tires compatible with almost any kind of vehicle. This includes passenger vehicles, motorcycles and trucks.

Furthermore, with the world experiencing changes in climate, Bridgestone is doing its bit to produce tires to reduce carbon emissions. Other models that showcase Bridgestone’s innovation are the Bridgestone Ecopia EP422, Bridgestone Dueler A/T REVO 2, and the Bridgestone Dueler H/L 422 ECOPIA.


7. Hankook

Coming from the 20th century, this South Korean tire brand is famous for the kind of collections available. This is because most of its models are for everyday driving purposes such as passenger cars. Also, the tires sport many innovative properties that make it a great choice. An example is the highly-rated Dynamo ATM tires that pack a lot of punch in terms of performance.

Furthermore, a good number of Hankook tires models are fit for different conditions such as wet, dry, and snowy conditions. While there’s no all-season model yet, don’t bet against that happening anytime soon. For now, models you can bank on for high performance in terms of handling, durability, and grip include the Hankook Ventus S1 Noble and the Hankook Ventus S12 evo2.


8. Cooper

Cooper tires have something of a rich history considering its roots. It remains one of the foremost tire brands in America. Things kicked off in Akron, Ohio in the 19th century as an M&M company before going on to partner with the Cooper Corporation in 1919. It didn’t end there though, with another merger birthing the Master Tire & Rubber Company. Again, the company moved on with another name in 1946 called the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. This line of history has continued with a presence in Akron, Ohio, and reached many states in the US.

Furthermore, with some of its operations covered by stalwarts like Rubber Co and Goodyear Tires, expect more quality tires to hit the roads. Quality models at affordable prices have remained the standard. Models such as the Cooper Evolution Tour, Cooper Evolution Winter, Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT, and the Cooper Evolution H/T, are fit for varying terrains and weather conditions.


9. Dunlop

Dunlop tires have been around for quite a while since the 18th century. Talk about high-quality standards and this tires brand has that in spades. Founded by a British tire manufacturer, it is named after the pioneer of the pneumatic tire – John Boyd Dunlop. However, it is owned by Goodyear Tires but its production line and name in the market haven’t waned a bit. What’s more, the prices are a good draw for those seeking to get value for their budget.

Furthermore, Dunlop makes different types of tires for a wide range of roads. Whether that’s track, tarmac, or others, Dunlop Tires is a brand that has models for motorcycles, cars, and trucks. Popular models with high performance include Monza tires, the Grand Trek, and the SP Sport.


10. BF Goodrich

This is another proven American brand with more than a hundred years behind it. More so, it’s a tires brand that constantly churns out models to improve user experience. All this prior to its sale to the French brand, Michelin in 1990. BF Goodrich is always searching out ways to help drivers stay safe on different terrains with quality tires. Whether that’s a truck, SUV, or a car tire, you are assured of optimum performance. In addition, it’s a brand associated with great off-roading experiences.

Road users always want tires they can trust in order to have maximum productivity when they navigate any area. This is what BF Goodrich tires bring. Models you can count on for premium quality without fail include the BF Goodrich Advantage T/A Sport all-season tires and the BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tires.


Final Verdict

The top best tires brands sport distinctive features should you be in the market for one. It’s important to consider certain elements that make driving comfortable. This includes traction, balance, costs, personal needs, performance, and other important aspects. Whatever you do, ensure you pick from this list because you’ll struggle to find bigger and better brands.

Go through reviews like this one and ratings before sticking to the brand you want. Your choice of tires for your car should come with minimal risks, value for money, and unique quality.

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