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The Best Spark Plugs in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Car maintenance is an imperative part of ensuring your vehicle runs for as long as possible. However, when most people think about this kind of car work, they may consider checking the tire pressure or changing the oil. There is still something else you should replace or fix over the life of your vehicle. People do not, but should consider replacing some of the best spark plugs.

By changing spark plugs regularly, you can bet that your car engine will run just like new as if you were getting an oil change. Through this review-buying guide, you will be able to get a sense of what sparks plugs will work for you and your vehicle. This way, you will have spark plugs that do not wear down. Additionally, you will not have misfires coming from your vehicle, which exert harmful emissions into the air.



10 Best Performance Spark Plugs: Editor’s Top Picks


Top 10 Best Spark Plugs Reviews:

1. NGK 6619 Iridium Spark Plugs

NGK 6619 Iridium Spark Plugs

This 6-piece spark plug set is phenomenal from NGK. At less than 12 ounces, these spark plugs are great in model engines like Lexus, Toyota, Mercedes, and BMW. Iridium, which is a dense metal, lasts longer than the standard plugs of the day. To install, these spark plugs need a 5/8 socket to get them on and off.

Also, the plugs are longer than the factory standard. This way, the NGK option will last longer if installed appropriately. Made in the United States of America, these best performance spark plugs will keep your vehicle running at a high level.

If you have any concerns with these spark plugs at all, you can contact the company directly, or you can take them to local auto hardware stores like Auto Zone, Advance Auto, and NAPA for more details.

By using these spark plugs, you will be able to do the replacement yourself, without worrying about paying expensive mechanics and car dealerships. After you finish the job, you will be able to notice an improvement in your engine. However, there is no warranty or replacement plan with these spark plugs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Come pre-gapped, so they are installation ready
  • High-quality option
  • Lasts in cars for at least 10 years or 100,000 miles
  • E90 approved
  • Inexpensive price
  • Quick shipping

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2. Bosch 4417 Platinum + FGR7DQP Spark Plug

Bosch 4417 Platinum + FGR7DQP Spark Plug

Bosch has been making spark plugs for over 100 years. In that time, they have created 20,000 plugs for gas mileage. With technology created specifically for air gap firing, the 4 ground electrodes are some of the most potent spark plugs around.

A mixture of fuel and air allows for ultimate combustion. This helps to reduce the wear and tear of the engine and limits oxidation. You will be able to see an extension with the performance life of your vehicle.

Additional electrode gap technology is the factory standard. Because of this, installation is a breeze, and there never needs to be an adjustment of the spark plugs. The product is less than an ounce, so the product is easy to maneuver to place in your engine.

Expect smoother acceleration after you install your spark plugs using a 3/8″ socket wrench. With the common plug size at 14 millimeters (mm), you can be assured that these spark plugs will fit into most engines.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect for a lost spark engine
  • Improved gas efficiency
  • Find the product online or locally
  • Platinum treads do not need to be anti-seizing
  • Bosch is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
  • Spark plugs can work well over 100,000 miles
  • Smooth installation plug process

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3. NGK 7090 BKR5EGP G-Power Spark Plug

NGK 7090 BKR5EGP G-Power Spark Plug

This pack of 4 spark plugs is another great option from NGK. These G-Power Platinum Alloy Spark Plugs help with the detriment of emissions and allows your engine to start up flawlessly. The platinum tip, measuring out at 0.6mm, uses some of the best spark plug wires for a perfect spark each and every time you turn the ignition.

NGK uses superior technology with its insulator nose. By doing this, an improvement is made with the throttle response time and prevents any flashover. Also, a precise gapping was made for all NGK spark plugs to create a magnificent spark.

You will still need to adjust the gap to fit your car, but it will only take you a few extra minutes. With metal plating around the spark plug, corrosion will not happen and neither will anti-seizing. This triple gasket seal is truly a step above the rest.

Are worried about combustion gas leaks through spark plugs? Do not be with NGK. Their construction is stable and strong, so no leaks will happen during the life of your spark plug. Specifically, these spark plugs are great for motorcycles, street-motor scooters, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, and much more.

Highlighted Features:

  • Great for Subaru vehicles
  • Fast-shipping from NGK
  • No misfire issues
  • Includes an anti-corrosion coating
  • It will last well over 50,000 miles

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4. Bosch 9652 Double Iridium Spark Plug

Bosch 9652 Double Iridium Spark Plug

Another version from Bosch is the 9652 option. These iridium spark plugs last up to four times as long as the standard choice on the market right now. Bosch uses two firing pins to help with ground electrodes that really improve the standard service life. With a 0.6mm specific firing pin, your car will ignite like never before and perform with the best of them on the road.

Bosch uses 360-degree technology laser welding that is completely resistant to corrosion. Additionally, you will see sparks plugs that are the most durable around. With every purchase, there is a 7-year performance guarantee or a complete reimbursement of your money. Bosch is confident that their product will work for you that they have a pre-gapped replacement if anything goes awry.

Since 1902, Bosch has been a trusted brand to help keep the most advanced engines on the road. With amazing quality control and customer service, you will see really quickly why Bosch is on the gold standards in the market today. A nickel-plated shell will protect the spark plugs, even under the harshest of conditions.

Highlighted Features:

  • No anti-seizing issues
  • Customizable compatibility
  • Uses socket ranging from 10 to 14mm
  • Works with Ford, Chevy, and Acura
  • Boosted gas mileage
  • Saves you on a tank of gas every year

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5. NGK 5464 BKR5EIX-11 Iridium IX Spark Plug

NGK 5464 BKR5EIX-11 Iridium IX Spark Plug

NGK has really outdone them with this next best spark plug for a racing option. This spark plug was specifically created for car owners who love the performance. The Iridium IX ignites the engine flawlessly and improves the throttle response time, too. You do not need to worry about anti-fouling either.

A 0.6mm laser welded these spark plugs to perfection, so expect great durability and minimal electrical issues. With a provision against flashover, no combustion leakage will happen from this brand of spark plugs. Because iridium alloy has an extremely high melting point, your spark plugs will shine, even during the hottest of conditions. Also, metal plating is used to hold all the spark plug components together.

However, if at any time a spark plug does break down sooner than expected, there is a manufacturer’s warranty that can be used through NGK’s customer service. Also, another thing customer service can help with is finding the right premium spark plug wires. This way, you can use the same brand to maximize your car’s efficiency.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy gap adjustments
  • Gap adjustments are barely over 1mm
  • Quick installation with these spark plugs
  • The car will run like new
  • Great for Toyota, Nissan, and Subaru
  • Smoother ride on all road types
  • Between 80,000 to 100,000 miles on NGK spark plugs

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6. Denso (4504) PK20TT Platinum TT Spark Plug

Denso (4504) PK20TT Platinum TT Spark Plug

Denso is another spark plug for horsepower options you should look into. They are one of the more inexpensive options in the automotive world today but do think for a second that its quality is limited by that fact. The truth is Denso makes quality products, or it would not be on this list. With twin-tip tech, an 11 mm platinum casing improves gas mileage, acceleration, and your vehicle will start a whole lot fast.

A purified insulate comes standard with every Denso spark plug, allowing for great conductivity and strength. Even in the most stressful of automotive situations, Denso will hold true. Weighing in 1.76 ounces, do not be fooled by its lightness because its density is quite astounding.

Denso is proud of making quality products, and they do so with these spark plugs. Who knows? You may even want to buy some of their other product when you get done adding your new spark plugs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fits with 1.4-liter engines
  • No gapping is needed with this model
  • Only needs a 5/8-inch socket to install and remove
  • Platinum gets to operative temperatures quicker than iridium
  • 4 spark plugs come in one order from Denso
  • Last up to 20,000 miles
  • Easy-to-install accessories like wires and ignition coils to match Denso spark plugs

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7. Pack of 8 Genuine Motorcraft Spark Plug SP-479 AGSF22WM

Pack of 8 Genuine Motorcraft Spark Plug SP-479 AGSF22WM

Looking for the best bang for your buck? Well, if you own a Ford vehicle, you are in luck. Each Motorcraft spark plugs purchase is brand new. You will never buy any used ones because they are not on the market. Secondly, these spark plugs are made from platinum, so you know this product will last and last. They are one of the heavier options when it comes to plugs, but this will not hinder the installation.

In terms of gapping, most models are ready to use the spark plugs immediately. However, some may be in need of gapping help. Check your owner’s manual or customer’s service for more options. Know that with every Motorcraft spark plug purchase, you are purchasing a tradition of excellence.

Since 1908, Ford has made quality vehicles. In the 1950s, Ford decided to launch Motorcraft and has continued to use them for their auto part needs. With this in mind, you should consider Motorcraft spark plugs for you and your vehicle.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fast shipping on all Motorcraft spark plugs
  • A quick solution for misfiring problems
  • Improved engine strength
  • Perfect for racing, performance vehicles
  • Easy purchase online or in local automotive stores
  • Seamless fit with any Ford vehicle
  • The gap will be no more than 0.55mm

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8. DENSO #3297 Iridium LONG LIFE Spark Plugs

DENSO #3297 Iridium LONG LIFE Spark Plugs

If you think you have found the perfect spark plugs to this point in the review, do not get so hasty. There are still a few more to go, like this pack of 4 from Denso. Anywhere in the United States of America, these spark plugs can be shipped for free. Even if you live in a U.S. territory, it will cost you just the same: free. At 0.16 ounces per spark plug, these are some of the most lightweight spark plugs ever made.

Its iridium long-life design is becoming one of the best spark plug options for high-performance vehicles. Think brands like General Motors, Toyota, Honda, and Mitsubishi, and you will be starting to get the pictures.

With 360-degree technology, Denso welds their spark plugs to perfection, so you will not have to worry about a gas leak or other annoying breakdowns. Engine misfires will be no more, and you will save gas in the long run. Are you dealing with slow acceleration? Then, give these spark plugs for racing a chance to who you and your vehicle.

Highlighted Features:

  • Other compatible brands include BMW and Nissan
  • Denso products are made in the heart of Japan
  • Pre-gapped for your convenience
  • Increased acceleration up hills and on the highway
  • Connects with a check engine light coding from P0301 to P0304

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9. ACDelco 41-993 Professional Iridium Spark Plug

ACDelco 41-993 Professional Iridium Spark Plug

The best spark plugs do not come around all that often, but ACDelco should be nominated if there is an award. With their iridium design, you can expect great idle stability with smooth performance as you drive. Because of iridium’s small construction, the electrodes are reliable in the coldest of months, and it helps with quicker acceleration than you ever thought possible. Additionally, the fine-wire on these iridium spark plugs burn off any excess deposits, so your spark plugs will perform at the highest of levels.

With a suppressor seal, these spark plugs actually block frequencies from a radio that could affect your vehicle’s performance. Furthermore, your engine life will not be hindered by a combustion leak.

Even if your spark plugs do wear down, there is a warranty to give you peace of mind with your purchase. Every ACDelco spark plug purchase comes with a 7-year warranty. It truly does not matter how many miles you put on them over the course of 7 years because ACDelco will cover them.

Highlighted Features:

  • General Motors brand
  • Over 2 million of ACDelco’s new parts are in vehicles across the world
  • You will not need to clean your spark plugs over time
  • Gaps can be adjusted quickly and accurately
  • Spark plugs run great with Vortec engines

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10. Genuine Volvo Spark Plugs Set 5 Cylinder Turbo Engines

Genuine Volvo Spark Plugs Set 5 Cylinder Turbo Engines

Still, needing to sort through the best spark plugs money can buy? Well, give these Volvo Spark Plugs a try. These genuine Volvo options have a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty if anything goes wrong at all. They are one of the more expensive options, but Volvo builds things to run and run. Since 1927, Volvo has made a name for itself, starting in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The company also partners with Ford and Geely to positively affect the most people they can on the road today. In 2017 alone, Volvo sold over 570,000 cars across the world. They do not just sell cars, but they want to make ordinal, too. This is where spark plugs come in.

Currently, Volvo does not have pre-gapped spark plugs because they want the owner to have as much control as they need to make their vehicle great. This gives anyone who purchases these Volvo varieties the flexibility to make necessary changes that they see fit. Volvo does not people that every vehicle is pre-packaged that is the same. Even cars adapt and change over time and so should your spark plugs.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1 pound of strength in every plug
  • Improved fuel economy
  • No high boost spark issues
  • Never a fraud concern with Volvo products
  • Fast delivery time
  • Eliminate misfires altogether

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Things to Consider When Buying Spark Plugs


When looking to buy the right spark plugs for you and your vehicle, there are a few things you should consider before making your final purchase decision. Start with understanding the different types of spark plugs. The best ones to purchase are spark plugs that have great performance. Some common construction options include platinum, double platinum, iridium, and copper core.

The size of spark plugs should be thought about, too. Of course, different vehicles call for different spark plugs. Based upon the engine size and design, this is special from car to car. Still, it is important you know the correct size of your spark plugs. If you do not have correct fitting spark plugs, your vehicle will not perform or fit correctly in the engine.

Quality is also an imperative thing to consider with any spark plug options. Models with the best quality will last longer, and you should pay the money to assure that you are getting spark plugs that will do the right job. If a company does not guarantee its product, you should steer clear. Also, look for warranties and replacements that will help ease the pain of spark plugs if they do wear down.

The last focus area should be the functionality of the spark plugs you are interested in. Not all engines are treated alike, as stated earlier, so you need to find spark plugs that are specific to what you need. If you have a turbo engine, find spark plugs that fit that category. Or, if you have a supercharger vehicle, pick spark plugs that fit that model as well.


Different Kinds of Spark Plugs


Spark plugs come in a variety of kinds, but the most common include copper-core, platinum, double platinum, iridium, or a mix of a few together. Metal is a great way to move high voltages of an engine from wire to wire-connected spark plugs.

When the spark plugs do their job, combustion happens and the engine combusts with no problem at all. Also, misfires are a thing of the past, too, with new spark plugs. Let’s investigate the difference between each one.


A spark plug with a copper core is a great electricity conductor. Copper-core is considered the gold standard compared to any other metals when it comes to this category. Additionally, a copper-core can more heat around quickly. Because copper is a soft metal, there is an extremely low point of melting.

But, have no fear, because a surrounding nickel alloy metal protects the copper core. Also, along with a copper-core, iridium or platinum tips are perfect for enhancing performance from your vehicle’s engine.

Copper-core spark plugs are some of the cheapest on the market. Without costing you an arm and a leg, these plugs are also the most common across industries. By providing extra power and being less heat absorbent, these spark plugs can be used in vehicles that are older than 1980, and are perfect for turbo and high-compression engines.

Lastly, copper-core plugs usually need to be changed out every 20,000 miles or so. They do not last as long as the other options you will be hearing about. Because copper-core wears down questions, it starts to become faulty around high pressure and excess heat in the engine’s cylinders.


If you are looking for a metal that is stronger than nickel alloy, platinum is the way to go. It has the higher melting points of the two and platinum can last up to 100,000 miles of use. When you think of platinum, think of longevity.

Additional benefits include a quicker burn, which cleans off unnecessary deposits, and the plugs wear better when handling high levels of heat. Platinum plugs are similar to copper welded together with an electrode in the middle.

Double Platinum:

The second variety of platinum is double platinum. This kind of spark plug uses a disc made of platinum. At the center of the spark plug, there are platinum discs for the side and middle electrodes. Expect double the power compared to the standard platinum version.


Are you looking for something even stronger than platinum? Then, you have come to the right place with iridium. The construction is 8 times stronger and 6 times harder than platinum spark plugs. Amazingly, the melting point for iridium is 700 degrees higher than platinum. Looking for something long-lasting? Iridium lasts 25% longer than platinum, too.


How Do Spark Plugs Work?


Spark plugs are a little more complex than you might think. You do not just plug them in, like a light bulb. As an electrical device, the cylinder engine head is the place you insert it. With a mix of fuel and air, spark plugs help ignite the engine.

This small explosion happens safely in the car’s engine gets the pistons moving to crank the wheels of your car, which allows your vehicle to move forward where you want it to go. Internal combustion is really an amazing process that the human race has a good feel for.

So, without a spark, there is no combustion and no need for an engine. Really, there would be no need for a car or this article. But, since spark plugs get the job done right, cars line the streets.

If you have a diesel vehicle, spark plugs work a little differently. In diesel vehicles, they are called “glow plugs.” They work in a similar fashion, but they have three categories: cold, medium, and hot.


Cold Spark Plugs vs. Hot Spark Plugs


If you have not realized it already, it is important that you take temperature into the equation for picking your spark plugs. Cold spark plugs are perfect for very hot weather days. High-performance engines love cold spark plugs because the tips of the spark plugs keep the engine cooler.

The cooler an engine is the better performance an engine will have with a vehicle that is compatible with cold spark plugs. With lower temperatures for a cold spark plug, more heat can be absorbed to help the engine out.

On the other hand, hot spark plugs keep an engine nice and warm taking away the bitterness of a cold winter that may impact your engine. This is imperative in cool environments when some engines need hot spark plugs to help affect the performance of an engine. Unfortunately, if the right spark plugs are used in this situation, the product may break down sooner than expect or there will be build-up in the engine, which could ruin the vehicle.

However, most people do not need to worry about this problem unless they live in areas like Alaska or Texas that have predominant environments that don’t shift very much over the course of a year. For everyone else, just make sure that your spark plug fits and is inspected every couple of years.


How Do You Know Your Plugs Need to be Changed?


People want to know when spark plugs should be replaced. Over the life of a vehicle, you are bound to need a replacement. Copper spark plugs will work for 10,000 to 20,000 miles, platinum is between 50,000 – 60,000 miles, and iridium can get to 100,000 miles.

However, do not max your spark plugs out. You should replace them before you have real trouble. Here is a list of things that might be an indicator of a bad spark plug:

Misfires: Your cylinders are not firing properly because of poor plugs.

Limited Acceleration: If you notice your car hardly moving when you step on the gas, it might be time for new spark plugs.

Poor Gas Mileage: Do you have to fill up at the gas station more than you normally do? It might be because your spark plugs are sucking gas quicker than you can fill it up.

Idling Problems: When your car idles, it should be smooth and you should barely know what is going on. If your vehicle has a loud idle or is making weird sounds, it may be time to check the spark plugs.

Engine Won’t Start – Just because your engine does not start does not mean you should think it is a bad battery. It could be your spark plugs, especially if this happens in the morning to start your day.


How To Change & Inspect Spark Plugs?


Before you change your spark plugs, it is important to inspect them to see if they need an overhaul or not. Some spark plugs might look just fine. This is when your engine is running great, so you can just put your spark plugs back in the engine to use.

In another inspection, you may see red coating starting to build on the spark plugs. Cheap gasoline does this to spark plugs. All you have to do is clean it off with a rag and re-install them.

Worn spark plugs will be an inspection you will see, too. They will look thinner and brittle, almost as if they are ready to break. This is when you need a replacement.

When it comes to plugs, you do not have to go directly to a mechanic to get the job right. You really can do this on your own with a little help from a friend or an online source. It is really easy compared to other fixes that happen in a vehicle. Here are the steps:

Step #1 – Clean The Work Area: Build-up happens in an engine. That is why should clean up where you are going to work, so you do not get crud into your engine. Usually, there is vanity cover you have to take off, and you will need to label vacuum hoses, so you know how to put them back on when you complete the process. Compressed air can be your best friend here to do some cleaning.

Step #2 – Removing The Coil: The ignition coil can be taken off at this point. Pull up on the licked tab, and move the connector back and forth to get the connector off. After this point, you are ready to remove a spark plug. Make sure you have a spark plug puller because it will be really handy to get the spark plug out with ease. A boot will be connected to the spark plug and this device can help you remove it, too.

Step #3 – Unscrew: At this point, you are ready to unscrew the old spark plug. Use a socket wrench and rotate the device counter-clockwise, until the spark plug comes out.

Step #4 – Gap (if needed) And Install New Plug: Some vehicles call for gapping your new spark plug, while others come pre-gapped. A gap gauge can help you if you are in need of its gapping services. When you are ready to tread the new plugs, use the socket wrench and go clockwise to tighten.

Step #5 – Lube The Boot: You are almost done. Get some dielectric grease and put the boot back on. Attach anything else that you have taken off to this point. Compressed air might be a good thing here too when cleaning up your mess.


Final Verdict


Now, it is time to pick the right spark plugs for you and your vehicle. Take your time and pick an option that truly works. There is nothing worse than picking the wrong spark plug, which could harm your pocketbook and even your engine.

Feel free to reach out to companies and tell them what you are looking for. This way, you can get a few options to work with. No matter what you decide, happy trails as you looking to improve your engine’s performance.

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