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The Best Soft Tip Darts for Beginners in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Darts is one of the most exciting and highly accessible indoor games in the market today. It offers one of the best ways of passing time with friends and family especially when you’re at home or during a camping or hiking expedition. But, if you’re a darts beginner who happens to be an avid darts connoisseur, choosing the best soft tip darts can turn out to be a challenging endeavor especially if you’re not acquitted to them.

Now, if you’re looking to win in darts, the second factor you should consider besides learning the rules is equipping yourself with the right tools. Here, we mean the right set of darts. And because you’re a beginner, or maybe the darts are intended for kids, investing in the right soft tip darts can really make a difference.

Why choose soft tip darts? Soft tip darts have one major advantage over their steel tip counterparts—they’re lighter thus offering you a better grip for increased accuracy.

So, if you’ve read up to that point and you’re wondering which type of soft tip darts you’re going to select for your soft or electronic dartboard, then worry not as this guide has offered a comprehensive review of ten of the most selling soft tip darts that will never fail you.

When we’re through with the reviews, we’ll proceed to offer some useful tips that will guide you when making your purchase. We’ll also highlight some frequently asked questions that are asked by the wide majority of buyers. If you’re set and ready, then let’s roll on.



10 Best Soft Tip Darts: Editor’s Top Picks


Top 10 Best Soft Tip Darts Reviews:

1. Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

Viper by GLD Products unisex adult Turquoise...

The first soft tip darts in our guide, which by the way seems to be a great but hefty investment, are the Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts. Although they’re slightly expensive, these darts are hailed by most intermediate and expert dart players due to their high-standard designs and compliance to most professional darting rules.

The first thing that sets these darts apart, right out of the package, is their design. First, Viper has used 90% tungsten and 10% nickel on the barrel to maintain exceptional balance and give the darts a slim profile.

Another smart feature is the grip. Here, Viper has not added just one but three types of grips on the barrel, which are the knurled, grooved and ringed grips. Apart from the grip, they’ve also designed the shafts with diamond-cut aluminum to improve speed and give the darts a holographic design.

To improve gameplay, the Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts come with additional sets of accessories such as the flights, the shafts, and the 2BA dart tips. The flights feature a special aerodynamic design that helps to improve stability when the darts are thrown.


  • These darts only weigh 16 grams.
  • There’s a dedicated case to organize the darts.
  • The barrel is well-grooved to improve grip.
  • The shafts fit perfectly well on the barrel.
  • The 90% tungsten barrel bolsters durability.


  • The flights don’t match the actual order.
  • The flights can tear easily.

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2. Red Dragon Amberjack Soft Tip

RED DRAGON Amberjack 1 Soft Tip: 18g -...

The Red Dragon Amberjack Soft Tip Dart is a budget pick that happens to be a cheaper pro-level dart in this guide. Unlike our previous dart, Red Dragon has managed to combine affordability with a high-standard dart that will offer a great dart playing experience to players living in a tight budget.

Just like the Viper Diamond, the Red Dragon Amberjack Soft Tip Dart also has its barrel made of 90% tungsten and 10% nickel to bolster strength and durability. The grooves to are split into three sections allowing you to enjoy a firm grip when throwing.

About the weight, this dart is only 18 grams making it a perfect option for beginners and intermediates. The barrel itself is 2BA allowing a variety of tips to be used in case there’s any breakage.

This dart is one of the most affordable options available in the market and it’s usually distinguished by its distinctive black and orange color configuration.


  • These darts are highly affordable.
  • The barrel has two grip styles.
  • At 18 grams, these darts are surprisingly light.
  • There are multiple dart tips available.
  • Come with vibrant color options.


  • The shafts are brittle and easy to break.
  • They’re not the best for professional players.

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3. Viper Sinister 95% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

Viper by GLD Products unisex adult Contoured...

Another type of soft tip dart that has left most people talking is the Viper Sinister 95% Tungsten Soft Tip Dart. Now, unlike our two previous darts, this one has the softest barrel making it ideal for people, especially women, with soft hands.

Another feature that really caught our eyes was the slim barrel, which not only looks appealing but it’s also designed to deliver consistent flight and improved accuracy. The barrel is made of 95% tungsten, which is another huge advantage that boosts longevity.

In addition to that, the Viper Sinister Soft Tip Dart is designed with aluminum shafts that have locking holes to increase tightness and improve accuracy.

When you open the package you’ll be welcomed with 6 heavy-duty 100 microns high-speed flights and 6 2BA Tufflex Tips II soft tips which can be interchanged in case the set you’re using gets damaged. These darts are super lights (weighing between 16 and 18 grams) making them the best for intermediate players and kids alike.

Although our current set is designed with a contoured barrel, there are other barrel types available, which are the beveled barrels and the teardrop barrels. Overall, these darts are some of the easiest to use thanks to their simplicity and overall design.


  • A small profile makes it easy to throw.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • The design of the flights improves speed while minimizing drag.
  • These darts last long.
  • The aluminum shafts provide the right balance.


  • The smooth barrel may be difficult to grip.
  • They’re too narrow to hold properly.

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4. Bottelsen Skinny’s Tough Koat 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Dart

Bottelsen Skinny's Tough Koat 90% Tungsten...

The Bottelsen Skinny’s Tough Koat Soft Tip Dart is our fourth dart that has made its way on your list. Now, just like our previous dart, the Viper Sinister, these professional soft tip darts are designed with very slim barrels that help them to maintain a low profile.

Though a soft tip dart, this dart can be used in professional settings, especially on electronic boards and all soft tip dartboards.

The flights are super slim while the aluminum shafts are perfectly grooved to reduce drag and improve balance when the dart is released. The barrels are made of 90% tungsten and are grooved with ringed perforations to improve grip when throwing.

Due to the simplistic design of these darts, not forgetting their safety characteristics, players of all categories, ranging from freshers, casuals to professionals can easily enjoy this beautiful game without experiencing any challenges.

Finally, about storage, Bottelsen has included a dedicated deluxe Croco dart case to protect your darts from loss or any form of damage. These darts are also available in a variety of inspiring colors that include; Black, Red, Blue, Purple, and Green.


  • There’s a dedicated darts case for added safety.
  • The rounded grooves provide a perfect gripping point.
  • Slim profile provides a balanced freight.
  • Perfect for professional darting competitions.
  • Available in a variety of colors.


  • The shafts are too tight to unscrew from the barrel.
  • The case doesn’t hold the darts securely.

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5. Pegasus Soft TIP Darts Set

Red Dragon Pegasus Soft Tip: 20g - Tungsten...

Whether you’re a professional darter or maybe you’re polishing your skills at an intermediate level, the Pegasus Soft Tip Darts Set will never disappoint you whatsoever. This darts set has a lot under its belt which enthusiast players can take advantage of.

First and foremost, these best soft tip darts are quite light at 20 grams. Secondly, the grooves are ringed making the barrels easy to handle. Since they’re neither rough nor soft, players with soft and rough hands will manage to handle the darts easily when throwing.

The barrel itself is made of 80% tungsten which is quite low as compared to our previous darts, with tungsten amounting to 90% and higher. But, despite this drawback, Red Dragon Darts have not failed their diehards, as they have designed their darts with a high tolerance to basic wear and tear.

Now, when you open the package, you’ll be welcomed with 2 sets of 100-microns super-slim flights (one black and one white) and 2 sets of Red Dragon stems (also one black and the other white). Still, on the accessories, you’ll be offered one Red Dragon bar wallet that will make it easier for you to store your darts to prevent loss and damage.

Overall, these darts are stylish and very easy to handle. They have ringed grooves on the entire barrel to provide a perfect grip when throwing.


  • The package comes with multiple accessories.
  • There’s a dedicated Red Dragon wallet to keep your darts secure.
  • These darts are highly affordable.
  • The barrels are well-grooved to provide the best grip.
  • The darts are also thin and well-balanced.


  • The stems are very fragile.
  • The flights tend to pop off when throwing.

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6. Fat Cat Bulletz 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

Fat Cat Bulletz 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts...

From what we’ve seen so far, darts with a soft profile are becoming the order of the day. This is still the case with the Fat Cat Bulletz 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts which are also designed with an impressively slim profile on the barrel to improve speed and reduce drag.

According to most darting experts, such darts are quite mandatory if you’re looking to win in darts. To break the design of this dart further, there’s the Convex Nylon shafts and the high-speed super-slim flights that work alongside each other to improve accuracy.

The shafts have convex molding that improves balance while the flights have a slim aerodynamic design that reduces drag and improves the speed of the dart towards the board. The barrel has not been left out here as the grooves have a shark fin design that improves the rate by which the dart cuts through the air.

The barrel on its side has 90% tungsten and 10% nickel making it exceptionally fit for both professional and intermediate settings. The package comes with 6 durable shafts, 3-high speed flights, and additional 6 2BA Tufflex tips which can be exchanged from time to time to slow the rate of wear.

Finally, to prevent your accessories from getting lost or being damaged, a sturdy dart case has been dedicated to keeping all your stuff safe. The case is partitioned to fit all the accessories perfectly well.


  • There’s a dedicated case to fit all your stuff.
  • The darts come with a set of extra shafts, barrels, flights, and tips.
  • The shafts are tight and they won’t need to be retightened.
  • The shark fin grooves provide a smooth grip.
  • The slim flights improve the movement of the dart when thrown.


  • The tips are quite fragile.
  • Sometimes the pieces get loose after throwing.

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7. IgnatGames Plastic Tip Darts Set

IgnatGames Plastic Tip Darts Set - Soft Tip...

If you’re looking to enjoy the game of darts in style, then the IgnatGames Plastic Tip Darts Set will generally accomplish that with immense enthusiasm. As one of the best dart brands in this business, IgnatGames has designed these darts with many impressive features to make your gaming experience even more fun-filled.

To start off, there’s the barrel. Unlike all the other darts we’ve reviewed so far, this is the first that features brass barrels. Although they’re practically lower in quality as compared to tungsten barrels, IgnatGames has made some minor improvements to boost the darts longevity and reduce the rate of wear.

About the grip, the barrels are designed with electro-coppered grooves that help to improve consistent hand placement when throwing the darts.

Now, if you have noticed, most players have consistently complained about the loosening of the shafts when throwing. To solve this problem, IgnatGames has designed these darts with a dedicated rubber O’ ring between the shaft and the barrel to avoid regular retightening.

The shafts themselves are made of aluminum while the flights are super slim to improve speed, accuracy, and balance when the darts are thrown towards the board.

Lastly, your darts will need to stay safe from any form of damage right? So, to ensure they don’t undergo any premature damage, a durable protective case with magnetic closures have been offered.


  • There’s a magnetic protective case.
  • The shafts have O’ rings to improve control.
  • The package offers 6 additional tips, barrels, shafts, and flights.
  • There’s a compelling user manual for easy usage.
  • These darts offer a 1-year limited warranty.


  • They’re quite difficult to grip.
  • These darts are quite heavy.

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8. Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts

Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts, Purple, 16...

Viper has once again released another set of darts which are the Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts. Just like the rest of the Viper products, these darts have a name in the darting business due to their exceptional quality and impressive performance.

Quite different from the rest of the Viper darts, these ones have their barrels made of nickel silver plating to improve balance and give the darts some style. In addition to the material used, the barrels have a super slim aerodynamic profile that helps to increase the speed of the darts when thrown.

Another area we can’t fail to mention is the grip. Unlike the rest of the darts, which have groove markings on the barrel, this one has a rubber grip instead that provides an unparalleled and consistent grip when thrown.

To make these darts usable for a wide range of players, Viper has managed to design the rubber grips with a variety of cool colors that include; Red, Orange, Purple, Green, Blue, Black, and Pink.

The shafts on their side are made of aluminum and have locking holes that prevent them from getting loose due to consistent throwing. The flights are pretty much the same as the rest of the Viper darts with the only difference being the color and the shape.

One issue most darters experience when playing is dealing with breakages. These darts have taken care of this by packing additional 2BA Tufflex Tips II soft tips on the package to lower the rate of wear.


  • Weighing just 16 grams, thee darts are considered super light.
  • There’s a dedicated storage bag.
  • Rubber grooves provide an excellent grip.
  • Additional soft tips reduce the rate of wear.
  • The barrels have different color options.


  • The rubber grooves get dirty really fast.
  • The tips don’t hold firmly on the barrel.

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9. Arachnid Tungsten Soft Tip Darts (18-Gram)

Arachnid Professional Series 90% Tungsten...

The Arachnid Tungsten Soft Tip Darts haven’t been left out either. Just like the rest of the darts we’ve reviewed here, these ones too have bulldozed their way into our list by offering some of the best features every professional and intermediate darter would like to experience.

The barrels are made of 90% ultra-thin tungsten that’s praised for their strength and simplicity. To improve your game, Arachnid has designed the barrels with ringed grooves which are neither rough nor smooth.

The stripped aluminum shafts have O’ rings for added reinforcement and to ensure they don’t get loose after prolonged use. Since these darts are intended to be used by both intermediate and professional darters, Arachnid has reduced the weight to a more manageable 18 grams.

To ensure that your game is not interrupted whatsoever, these darts are equipped with an additional 3 spare shafts, 3 flights, and a record 7 spare tips which you can interchange when playing. You’ll also have an option to choose between darts with 80% or 90% tungsten composition.

There’s also a dedicated SideRider case on the package where you can easily store your darts to prevent them from any loss or damage from the elements.


  • The darts are designed to offer superior aerodynamics.
  • There’s an option to choose between 80% and 90% tungsten composition.
  • The SideRider case makes storage a breeze.
  • There’s an O’ ring for added reinforcement.
  • These darts offer a 1-year limited warranty.


  • The case is quite small to fit other darts.
  • They tend to bounce out frequently.

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10. Target Darts Carrera Titanium Black Soft Tip Darts

Target Darts Carrera Titanium Black Soft Tip...

Last but not least, we have the Target Darts Carrera Titanium Soft Tip Darts. These darts are among those soft tip darts that have been approved for use in professional darting tournaments. This is all thanks to their slim profiles and the use of 90% tungsten material on the barrels to improve accuracy and enhance durability.

The grip is something most customers have appreciated. It has a combination of axial and radial precision cuts that allow for an excellent grip when throwing the darts.

The nylon shafts and the super slim flights are something else most darters are really proud of as they help to improve the aerodynamic flow of the dart while reducing drag to the minimum. So, whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate or a professional darter, these darts are the best to consider if you’re really looking to win in darts.


  • The barrels have bi-directional grips.
  • They’re constructed from 90% tungsten material.
  • The darts have a slim profile that makes it easier to handle.
  • Lifetime barrel warranty.
  • It comes in four different variations.


  • These darts can be hazardous to kids below 3 years.
  • The tips are susceptible to damage.

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Things to Consider When Buying Soft Tip darts


Whether you’re playing darts in a recreational or professional setting, having the right tools is one way you can guarantee success. When it comes to soft tip darts, most come with the same color, texture, design, and holographic representation.

But, taking a closer look at each one of them, you’ll realize that these darts differ a lot depending on the model and specific brand. So, to ensure that you enjoy the value of your money, here are some factors you’ll have to consider before shopping for the best soft tip darts.

  • 1. The Weight:

The weight of the dart is the first prime factor that must be considered at any cost. Although there’s no right or wrong weight for your specific dart, the weight plays a vital role in determining the stability of the dart and how it flies.

In short, the heavier the dart is the more stable it tends to be. Now, the weight of most soft tip darts ranges from 14 grams to about 20 grams. For beginners, light darts weighing 14 to 16 grams are the best while those weighing 18 to 20 grams are best suited to intermediate and professional players.

  • 2. Material:

When it comes to the barrel, there are three common materials to consider. There’s brass, aluminum, and tungsten. Now, if you’re an occasional player or one playing darts for recreational purposes, barrels made of brass or aluminum are the best to consider.

On the other hand, if you’re playing in professional leagues and tournaments, darts with a high percentage of tungsten on the barrel (70%, 80% to 90%) are the best as they’re easy to hold and provide good balance meaning they hit the board in a steady motion.

  • 3. Grooves:

Since you’ll need to hold the dart firmly when throwing, you need to check the grooves on the barrel to ensure they match your style. For professionals, I believe you know what your preferences are.

However, for beginners, you will need some assistance here. Now, if you examine the barrel, you’ll find that the grooves are knurled, wavy, precision, ringed, micro, or shark fin. By just looking at the grooves, you can easily distinguish the patterns.

If your hand is quite rough and dry, a barrel with a rougher grip will be the best. On the other hand, if your hands are smooth and moisturized (for the case of ladies), then a barrel with smooth grips will suffice.

  • 4. Number of Darts:

If you’re a beginner, something else you’ll need to be keen on is the number of darts available in the package. To improve your gaming experience, buying a pack with multiple darts, let’s say two to three sets, will really help as you won’t have to remove the darts from the board regularly to re-throw.

Additionally, when you’re dealing with soft tip darts, they tend to break their tips a lot in case they fall off accidentally or if they hit the wall. So, to prevent them from wearing out quickly, having more dart sets in your package can really help.

  • 5. Dart’s Finish:

Another factor you need to consider before settling on an investment is the type of finish on the tips and barrel. Now, there are several reasons why this is important. First, dart tips with painted finish always look lucrative and stylish. They’re usually attractive and appealing to the eyes thus boosting your confidence when playing.

Secondly, there’s the finish on the barrel, which if possible, should have a titanium finish. The reason why titanium is recommended is due to the protected characteristic that allows it to protect the tungsten on the barrel from corrosion caused by salts and oils from your hands.

So, by considering this factor, you’ll be able to protect your darts from any hands or grime buildup while still making them look attractive.

  • 6. Shaft:

The last factor you need to inspect keenly when choosing a soft tip dart is the type of shaft it’s equipped with. The two main types of materials used in most shafts are plastic and aluminum. In most cases, aluminum shafts are considered the best due to their beauty and durability as compared to plastic shafts.

Apart from the shafts, the flight is something else that dictates the stability of the dart when released. Flights with a kite or teardrop shape are considered the ultimate best. That’s because such flights reduce drag and deflection to improve your scoring ability.


Types of Darts


Before you start out playing darts, one important decision you must consider is which types of darts you’ll need to purchase. This decision is mostly dictated by these two key factors—your level of experience and the type of dart game you’re playing.

If you’re playing in a professional setting, then the steel tip darts will generally be the best option. If you’re a beginner or you’re playing darts at an intermediate level, then the soft tip darts will generally prove to be a smart pick.

If you’re a parent intending to keep your kids away from the TV and social media, then the magnetic darts will be the best choice.

So, to understand each of these darts categories, this section will discuss them deeper to help you understand the pros and cons of each one of them.

  1. Steel Tip Darts:

When you hear of steel tip darts, what comes to mind is precision and professionalism. After all, these darts coined most of their characteristics from the precursor game of darts that was played by the military (throwing spears and arrows on logs) as a way of passing time.

Soon after this game was promoted from the recreational to the professional setup, the World Darts Championship and the WPD Championship ordered the use of steel tip darts in all major darting competitions making them the only professional darts to use in major leagues and tournaments.

Now, steel tip darts are made from an alloy of iron and carbon. This combination provides the darts with improved strength and lower fabrication meaning there’s reduced wear and tear.

Additionally, steel makes these darts a little bit heavier (about 20 to 30 grams) leading to a low bounce-out probability. This makes the darts move steadily towards the target thus improving accuracy.

However, on the negative side, steel tip darts are quite stiff and can damage the wall around the dartboard by leaving marks and scratches in case you fail to hit the board. These darts are also heavy meaning they can cause a hazard if they fall on your feet accidentally.

  1. Soft Tip Darts:

Several decades after the discovery of the steel tip darts, the soft tip darts were discovered. Due to their immense safety characteristics, these darts attained a significant degree of adoption by various dart-playing circles such as in the recreational arena.

Just as their names imply, these darts are constructed from molded plastic which is obviously harmless. Kids, beginners, and intermediate players can comfortably use these darts as they rarely damage the surrounding.

Due to their harmless characteristics, these darts can easily be used on virtually any dartboard design ranging from coil paper dartboards, electronic boards to bristle dartboards. Now, these darts are smooth and perfect for all-around home use. However, they have their own downside too.

First, these darts are fragile and susceptible to damage. So, to avoid any inconveniences in-between playtime, you need to keep some spare tips around.

Secondly, due to their lighter weight, these darts increase the rate of bounce-outs and reduce the rate of accuracy at the same time.

  1. Magnetic Darts:

Finally, there are the magnetic darts. The reason why these darts were introduced was to give children, who happen to be avid dart players, a chance to enjoy this beautiful and addictive game. Unlike both the steel and soft tip darts, magnetic arts are equipped with soft magnets on the tip and are only designed to stick on magnetic boards.

These darts are suitable for kids around 5 years and above and they offer the perfect way of enjoying some indoor moments with your kids when you’re at home.

These darts are some of the safest to use for your kids as they won’t harm them in case they fall off accidentally.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Which Soft Tip Darts do Professionals Use?

It’s obvious that any professional darter out there will definitely settle for the best darts to win more games without many challenges. The best-selling soft tip darts that will guarantee you that unmatched accuracy are those that comprise of 90% to 95% tungsten material on the barrel. Darts with such designs usually promise high accuracy and exceptional balance.

  1. What Causes Bounce-Outs and How do you Prevent Them?

Bounce-outs are caused by several factors. The first one, which happens to be the main cause, is the type of darts you’re using. Now, since you’re using soft tip darts, the rate of bounce-outs will generally be higher compared to if you were using steel darts.

When I mention soft tip darts, what I mean s the weight. These darts are lighter than steel tip darts meaning the speed is generally reduced leading to reduced accuracy as the dart projects towards the board.

Also, if you’re using a lower-quality electronic board, the holes on the surface of the board can lead to bounce-outs in case you don’t hit accurately. Lastly, if you’re using movable dart tips, then they’ll generally bounce out more as compared to fixed dart tips.

  1. Does the Weight of the Dart Affect your Throw?

This is one question most darters have been asking over and over. As a matter of fact, the weight of the dart doesn’t necessarily affect the flight. Instead, the weight generally depends on your own personal requirements.

However, there are times when weight can be an issue. That’s when you consider weight distribution. Most barrels have their weight loaded at the back, at the center or the front. Beginners sharpening their skills are usually recommended to choose barrels with front-loaded weights, as they’re more steady and accurate.

  1. Are Soft Tip Darts any Good?

The simple answer is Yes. Soft tip darts are great and for a good reason. You see, although professionals regard steel tip darts the best, they can expose you to health risks especially if you happen to drop them accidentally.

This is quite the contrary with soft tip darts as they have a softer and cheaper appeal that makes them the safest for everyday use.

  1. Can Soft Tip Darts Damage my Wall?

Most probably, no. Soft tip darts are very different from their steel tip counterparts. While the latter tend to damage your walls in case you miss, the former is designed with soft tips that will, in fact, be damaged, by the walls in case they get to contact.


Final Verdict

Overall, having performed comprehensive research on the best darts to consider, this guide has offered you ten of the best darts for beginners that will generally make a difference in your darting endeavor. Although steel tip darts are the best to consider due to the improved flight and accuracy, most soft tip darts manufacturers are designed their darts with extra features that can improve accuracy by giving the darts the right balance.

So, are you still looking to add the best soft tip darts to your gaming experience? Well, this guide has not only reviewed ten high-standard soft tip darts but has also offered you useful tips that will help you make an informed decision.

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