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The Best Micrometers in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

When researching the best micrometers, it is important to find one that measures tiny distances accurately and proficiently. On this list, any micrometer will do the job because of their precise measuring. You will need to sort through a couple of factors that should be important.

These factors include toughness, value, cost, and extra features. What you pay is what you will get. If you want extra features that do not come standard, you will pay more money to get what you want. Additionally, if you do pay extra, you can expect your micrometer to last for decades to come.

Some of the top brands you should consider include Fowler and Mitutoyo. However, other options that are highly rated are the brand’s Anytime Tools, Carrera, iGaging, Clockwise Tools, and REXBETI. You can definitely consider other brands, but these are the ones we would recommend. Now, let us get into the products, shall we?



10 Best Micrometers: Editor’s Top Picks


Top 10 Best Micrometers and Calipers Reviews:

1. Mitutoyo 293-340-30 Digital Micrometer

Mitutoyo 293-340-30 Digital Micrometer



  • Brand: Mitutoyo
  • Measuring Range: 0-1” with +/-0.00005” accuracy
  • Waterproof: Yes with an IP65 rating
  • Material: Carbide tipped
  • Type: Digital

Additional Features

  • LCD screen for display
  • Auto on/off ratchet stop

One of the most accurate micrometer options is this device from Mitutoyo. This micrometer, which is calibrated, measures between 0-1”. Amazingly, the resolution is within 0.00005”. In terms of durability, you can expect it with this best micrometer choice.

With this micrometer, an LCD screen assists the user to display metric and inch units. When using this device on cars, the plastic configurations are resistant to oil, so your micrometer will not break down easily. Also, the measuring face is constructed of carbide, so durability should be expected.

The pressure will continue to be uniform, as there is a ratchet stop for perfect measurements. This Mitutoyo Micrometer is IP65, too, so your device will be protected against water and dust.

The battery life is one that will last over a year. It sustains life by shutting off automatically when it is not being used. This micrometer can measure paper, plastic, car brakes, and much more. Anything that fits within 1-inch, you can measure it to exactness without any problem. You may even want to go around the house and see what you can measure.

Highlighted Features:

  • The inch measurement is SAE standardized
  • Includes a quality plastic case
  • Made in the country of Japan
  • No need for a rotating spindle or anvil
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Quick shipping and quality packaging
  • Crisp and smooth construction

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2. Anytime Tools Premium Outside Micrometer Set

Anytime Tools Premium Outside Micrometer Set



  • Brand: Anytime Tools
  • Measuring Range: 0-4” with +/-0.0001” accuracy
  • Material: Hard carbide with powder coating
  • Type: Manual

Additional Features

  • Complete with standard calibrations

This digital micrometer, from Anytime Tools, includes 4 measuring ranges. From 0-4”, this micrometer can measure just about anything.  Tipped with carbide, this micrometer will not break down. If you need it, you can measure over 4-inches by 0.50”. The calibrations will stay consistent because of include wrenches to keep your product up to par.

A ratchet hand allows you the force for an exact measurement without breaking anything in the process. When you are done with the micrometer, you can place it back in a padded case to protect your device. This small product will get the job done right each and every time.

When using this device, expect the measurement to be accurate to 0.0001”. This micrometer has an astounding capability. Each construction of an Anytime Tools Micrometer includes a baked finish with a powder coating. This allows for added protection and a great-looking micrometer. A metal appearance, which is made in China, will add extra longevity for whatever job you need measuring.

With a shipping weight of fewer than 2 pounds, this device is lightweight but will get the job done right. It even gets shipped fast as well. So, if you are wanted to get measuring right away, you could have this device in a few days.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect for engine rebuilding
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Minimal pre-tuning needed
  • Spot-on accuracy
  • Limited misread due to heat

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3. Mitutoyo 500-196-30 Advanced Onsite Sensor Absolute Scale Digital Caliper

Mitutoyo 500-196-30 Advanced Onsite Sensor Absolute Scale Digital Caliper



  • Brand: Mitutoyo
  • Type: Digital
  • Measuring Range: 0-6” with +/-0.0005” accuracy
  • Package Details: protective case + SR44 silver oxide batteries
  • Material: Stainless steel

Additional Features

  • AOS sensor for water, dust, & oil resistance

Another great Mitutoyo option is this next best digital caliper. Measuring between 0-6”, you can get a precise measurement up to 0.0005”. With a digital LCD screen, you can see clearly between metric and inch units. An advanced onsite sensor (AOS) helps to fight against, water, oil, and dirt for extra cleanliness.

With an added thumb roller, you have a variety of ways to measure outside, inside, with depth, and through step values, if you choose. Each purchase includes an oxide-based battery and a safety case. Constructed with stainless steel, this micrometer is a long-lasting design.

Using its next-generation technology, this best-rated micrometer uses a carbide jaw that is strong and durable over the course of its life. With these calipers, there are no errors, and it runs faster and easier than most other brands. Because of its long history of making products since 1934, you can expect Mitutoyo to make a quality product. Additionally, which is an American brand based in Aurora, Illinois since 1963, this company is domestically placed for your convenience.

Whether you do work outside, inside, or in instep measurements, this micrometer from Mitutoyo is for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Shipped anywhere in the U.S. and select countries
  • Does not need a certificate
  • Includes a 1-year warranty
  • Serial Number on the calipers shows its authenticity
  • Quick 3-step set-up

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4. Anytime Tools Disc Brake Rotor Caliper Digital Electronic Gauge

Anytime Tools Disc Brake Rotor Caliper Digital Electronic Gauge



  • Brand: Anytime Tools
  • Measuring Range: 0-2.5” with +/-0.0005” accuracy
  • Type: Digital
  • Material: Stainless steel

Additional Features

  • 5” jaw depth
  • Reads Inches/Metric/Fractions

Looking for a range caliper between 0 and 2.5”? Then, you should consider this Anytime Tools option. With a 3.5” jaw depth, you can even measure the largest rotors in the automotive world today.

Depending on your measurement preference, you can read fractions, metrics, or inches. The conversion system for these calipers works flawlessly to work between measurements.

With each and every purchase, it includes 2 batteries that are included. Stainless steel make-up allows for quality construction and its long-lasting nature. Do not expect these calipers to recalibrate, but they will stay accurate as long as you need them to.

At just over 1 pound, these calipers have a nice weight to them. They are sturdy enough to handle any wear and tear. The arms may come loose over time, but it is an easy fix. Just tighten the screws that are connected to the holding bar.

This brand, from Anytime Tools, will not cost you an arm and a leg. But, you will not be buying something that will break down within the first year. This is truly a quality product.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with an extra battery
  • Hard plastic case with foam insert
  • Perfect for brake measurements
  • Essential for any mechanic
  • No deflection during measuring
  • Great to keep in your vehicle when you are on the road
  • Measures within 0.01 mm

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5. Carrera Precision CP8812-T 12-Inch Titanium Digital LCD Caliper Micrometer

Carrera Precision CP8812-T 12-Inch Titanium Digital LCD Caliper Micrometer



  • Brand: Carrera Precision
  • Type: Digital
  • Material: Titanium head/stainless steel frame
  • Measuring Range: depth from 0-12” with +/-0.001” accuracy
  • Package Details: batteries + case

Carrera Precision makes this micrometer caliper. It is great for measuring the depth indoors or outdoors from 0 to 12 inches. Made with a titanium head, this heavy-duty model also includes a steel frame that is stainless. Its accuracy is paramount to its exceptional nature because accuracy is as close as 1/1000th of an inch.

Included in your purchase, you will receive an extra battery and a strong carrying case. Over time, your best digital caliper will run out of juice. That is inevitable, but an extra battery will keep you running strong for the next use.

With an auto shut-off feature, you can expect your battery to be preserved over time, so it will not run out of power as quickly. The case is sturdy enough to protect your calipers, so every use is like you are using it for the first time.

The LCD display is second to none; it reads the measurements you need with ease. At just over a pound and a half, these calipers are sturdy enough not to break but light enough that they will not weigh you down.

Highlighted Features:

  • An easy-to-read display can be seen with whatever you are measuring
  • Extendable length comes in handy
  • Clear instructions to help every user
  • The locking screw stays tight
  • Simple zeroing technology
  • Quick shipping and quality packaging

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6. Fowler Full Warranty Outside Inch Micrometer

Fowler Full Warranty Outside Inch Micrometer



  • Brand: Fowler Store
  • Measuring Range: 3-4” with +/-0.0002” accuracy
  • Type: Manual outside inch micrometer
  • Graduation interval: 0.001”
  • Anvil/spindle diameter: 0.256”
  • Package Details: Micrometer, 3” setting standard, adjusting wrench & fitted case
  • Warranty: 1-year

One of the best budget micrometers is this next option from Fowler. It has a maximum measurement of 3 to 4 inches, and it surprisingly does not even weigh one ounce. This micrometer also has an impressive measuring accuracy of .0002”.

With every purchase of this digital micrometer set, Fowler offers a complete 1-year warranty because they feel so strongly about their American-made product. As a primary outside micrometer, it has a great measuring range for general-purpose needs. Also, a .00012” parallelism reading helps for measurements that are exact each and every time.

A satin, chrome construction allows for the device to stay sturdy, and the sleeve will not rust or glare when you are outside. With the display being venire, you will be able to clearly see the measurement readings at all times.

In every box, you will receive the micrometer, a wrench for adjusting, a carrying case, and a 3” standard-setting tool. Also, instructions are included with every purchase to get you started on the right trail. Nothing is worse than not knowing how to use a product when you first receive it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable enough to use for generations
  • Easy adjustment options for whatever you need
  • Inexpensive micrometer price
  • Perfect for measuring rifle reloads, car brakes, and much more
  • Amazing calibration
  • Great for a machine shop environment

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7. iGaging 0-3” Digital Electronic Outside Micrometer Set

iGaging 0-3” Digital Electronic Outside Micrometer Set



  • Brand: iGaging
  • Type: Digital outside micrometer
  • Size: 0-3” with +/-0.00016” accuracy
  • Resolution: 0.00005”
  • 2 measuring modes (metric and standard)
  • Material: Carbide

Additional Features

  • USB SPC output
  • Meets Federal Accuracy Standards
  • Automatic shut-off

If you are looking for a quality digital micrometer set, you have come to the right place with this choice from iGaging. With 3 different micrometer options, you can measure from 0-1”, 1-2”, and 2-3” that all include an LCD screen. All the measuring sizes are calibrated and have measuring modes that are standard and metric.

With an accuracy measurement within .00016”, you can expect this iGaging micrometer to be on the money. This high-precision tool uses a crisp and clear reading that is durable enough to withstand the harshest of environments.

With every purchase, you can expect these things: a carrying case, a wretch that is adjustable, instructions, an attachable ball, and an additional battery if your other one ever gives out completely.

Also, there is a USB output available, if you ever need to save measurements to remember them for later. Federal standards are treated with respect by iGaging, and they meet or exceed these expectations. This will give you the trust of this company right away without any worry if this product will live up to par. It will definitely exceed your expectations.

Highlighted Features:

  • Hold its zero accuracy
  • Knobs click when calipers are locked snug
  • Perfect for any mixed unit environment
  • Great for beginner micrometer users
  • Smooth finish and feel
  • Incredible fast shipping
  • Micrometer set in made in China

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8. Clockwise Tools MMTR-04 Premium Outside Micrometer

Clockwise Tools MMTR-04 Premium Outside Micrometer



  • Brand: Clockwise Tools
  • Measuring Range: 3-4” with +/-0.0002” accuracy
  • Material: Hard carbide tip
  • Graduation: 0.0001”
  • Package Details: Micrometer + adjusting wrench + a connection bar

The best micrometer list needs to have this alternative from Clockwise Tools. Made of solid metal construction, this gray micrometer measures between 3 and 4’’. With accuracy to .0002” and graduation of .0001”, you should expect greatness. Hard tips, made of carbide, are what keep this micrometer running strong.

Along with the carbide tips, a ratchet, for single-hand use is designed to create the greatest force possible when controlling this device. If for some reason your micrometer does break down in the first year, no sweat. There is a 1-year warranty to back you up to get a new micrometer for no charge from Clockwise Tools.

With every purchase, you can expect a case to keep your micrometer in the best shape possible. This plastic case will keep safety in and harm out. Clockwise Tools created in the United States of America, so you will be able to talk to a company that cares about its citizens. Currently, the product itself is made in China, but that is to keep the prices lower for you when buying this micrometer to keep your business.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy-to-clean model
  • Smooth and sleek design
  • Reasonably priced
  • Calibration pins come with the micrometer to keep it set appropriately
  • A great economical micrometer variety
  • Crucial for an engine rebuild
  • Consistent readings each and every use

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9. Digital Micrometer, Professional Inch/Metric Thickness Measuring Tools

Digital Micrometer, Professional Inch/Metric Thickness Measuring Tools



  • Brand: REXBETI
  • Type: Digital
  • Measuring Range: 0-1” with +/-0.0001” accuracy
  • Resolution: 0.00005”
  • Package Details: 1* micrometer, a case, user manual, & CR1632 batteries

Additional Features

  • 2 measuring modes (metric/standard)

A best-rated micrometer comes in the form of this next alternative from REXBETI. With a digital reading from 0-1”, the accuracy is within .0001”. There are two measuring modes for the metric and inch.

A large LCD screen makes reading the measurements an easy task. It can even calculate absolute modes. For added flexibility, a ratchet stop allows this device to work properly. With a protective, hard case, your micrometer will stay strong for years to come.

That is not all you will get with your purchase. You will have a user-friendly instruction manual and an extra battery if your micrometer’s power goes down. Fortunately, there is a shut-off feature that shuts off the batter, so it does not get drained down.

At less than a pound, this micrometer caliper is top-notch. You can take it wherever you need, without it being problematic to haul around. It will actually fit into your pocket.

Also, there is great customer service with this company. If you are in need of help or someone to clear up confusion, REXBETI is your go-to. Zeroing out your product might seem like a difficult task, but there is no need to worry about this. The micrometer is set at zero and it will be set that way.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect to give as a gift
  • Well-built to work indoors or outdoors
  • No need to squint with this bright LCD screen
  • Easy change between changing units
  • Smooth finish with each micrometer

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10. iGaging ABSOLUTE ORIGIN 0-6” Digital Electronic Caliper

iGaging ABSOLUTE ORIGIN 0-6” Digital Electronic Caliper



  • Brand: iGaging
  • Measuring Range: 0-6” with +/-0.001” accuracy
  • Type: Digital
  • Resolution: 0.0005”
  • Waterproof: Yes (IP65)
  • Material: Hard stainless steel
  • Compliance: ISO & DIN Standard 862
  • Warranty: 2-years

Additional Features

  • USB output

The last digital micrometer is this model from iGaging. With an amazing range from 0-6”, this electronic caliper has IP54 Protection and allows for pristine accuracy. An amazing resolution works to .0005”, with accuracy to .001”.

Because of the added IP54 protection, dust and water are no match for this device. Also, you can purchase a USB cable to connect to the caliper directly for memory storage. Manufacturing Standards are ISO certified, along with DIN Standard 862.

How about a warranty? A 2-year warranty comes standard with every purchase to know what you are buying is worth the time and the effort you put in to buy it. At less than 1 pound, this device might seem fragile, but it is a sturdy beast. Made of stainless steel, this electronic caliper will hold up for what you need.

This micrometer uses a lithium metal battery to power the device. Expect it to last for at least a year. Two batteries are required, but this gives juice to this powerful device.

Manufactured in China, this device is made well with quality and stability. Do not judge it because these calipers are made outside the states. It definitely breaks stereotypes down.

Highlighted Features:

  • Measures millimeters, decimals, and fractions
  • Comes standard with a plastic case
  • Batteries are included
  • Includes calibration paperwork
  • Certification is mandated with every purchase

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Things to Consider When Buying A Micrometer


When looking to buy the best micrometer for you and the things you need to get done, there are a few things you should consider. Doing your due diligence is an important step for you to go in the right direction.

  • Size Widths

One of the first places to start is with the width ranges of sizes. Determine what material you need to measure and how often you will use a micrometer to measure this quantifiable resource. If you are looking to measure smaller items, 0-1” may work for you. However, if you have larger material to measure, you may need anywhere between 1-4” micrometers.

  • Knowing Tolerance Levels

If accuracy is important to you, then you should pay attention to this next section. You may want to measure something to the nearest thousandth or hundred thousandths. It is imperative that you pick a micrometer that fits your accuracy importance.

Nothing is worse than you wanting to have a particular measurement, but your micrometer can’t be as accurate as you need. Knowing this beforehand will save you a lot of extra time and effort. A brand like Starrett will give you the best accuracy, but they are the most expensive micrometer brand to buy.

  • Digital v. Standard

When it comes to reading your measurements, the most accurate micrometers use either a digital or standard screen. Digital screens use an LCD screen to show the measurement reading. Because this portion is electrically-based, you can imagine that it will eventually become obsolete, but not for the first couple of years.

For standard options, you will have to read the measurement on the sleeve itself. If you take good care of the standard micrometer, you can expect your device to last for an extended period of time. Some consumers have even said that their standard micrometer has lasted for 50+ years. Additionally, they will continue to give an accurate reading year after year.


Different Types of Micrometers


When picking the best budget micrometer that money can buy, it is necessary to know the different options for you to try. You must know the difference between an outside, inside, and depth micrometer, as well as a v-anvil and tube micrometer.

  • 1. Outside Micrometer

A micrometer that is used outdoors is great for blocks, wires, and piping. They can measure items thinner than a piece of paper, as well as something that is a few feet in width.

  • 2. Inside Micrometer

Micrometers for inside use are exceptions inside tubes or homes. They are specifically manufactured as caliper micrometers to perform a specific task that deal in this area.

  • 3. Depth Micrometer

A depth micrometer does measuring work for steps, teeth, and slots when working to get the job done right. These devices are sold in sets, which usually have interchangeable rods. This way, you can essentially measure anything you want.

  • 4. V-Anvil Micrometer

A v-anvil micrometer is great for outside measurements when cutting heads. When using a v-anvil micrometer, these devices need pinpoint accuracy, or problems will start to arise.

  • 5. Tube Micrometer

Are you in need of measuring the thickness of a pipe or tube? A tube micrometer is the right choice for you. The measuring anvil is rounded, which allows for a point of contact with whatever object you need gauging.


Tips for Maintenance


Since micrometers allow for exact measurements, it is important that you keep the device clean and tuned up at all times. Some of the maintenance tips include oiling, cleaning, and securely storing.

To oil your micrometer, you should do this twice per month. Just a tiny amount of oil that is all-purpose will do for your micrometer. When fighting against rust and corrosion, this process is imperative for your micrometer to have a long-lasting life. If you do plan to store your micrometer for long periods of time, oil the micrometer’s internal thread, so the bare bones of your device will not expire.

Cleanliness is also essential when owning a micrometer. To avoid corrosion, wipe down your micrometer before and after you use it. A lint-free, dry cloth works best in this situation. As you keep your micrometer away from long-standing dirt and grim, you will continue to ensure an accurate reading each and every time.

The last maintenance point involves storing the micrometer in a safe place. For as durable as a micrometer is, they are fragile devices. When they are not being used, they should find a home in a well-ventilated room that is about room temperature. This way, by avoiding damp areas, a micrometer’s life will stay strong use after use.


Different Sizes of Micrometers


For the past 100 years, complex mechanical systems have worked to improve measurements’ accuracy. For outside micrometers, they range from 0 to 12”. Each increment is measured in 1”, and it is accurate up to four decimals. When it comes to depth micrometers they come in 1” varieties and their accuracy is unparalleled.


Differences Between A Caliper and A Micrometer


When it comes to a caliper vs. a micrometer, there are a few differences that you should be aware of. First, the structures are different in nature. A caliper is built like a gun, while the micrometer looks more like an ax. In terms of least count, the caliper measures lowest at 0.1 mm and the micrometer lowest markings are at 0.01 mm.

Calipers use a unique jaw-type construction that is perfect for internal and external measuring. On the other hand, a micrometer uses a screw gauge for measuring the outside of materials. However, this device is not as good when measuring internal materials.

For calipers, a zero error elimination process can happen by subtracting and adding the differences together. In the end, this will create an honest measurement. The same errors cannot be found with a digital micrometer.


How to Use A Micrometer


When learning to use a micrometer, you have to make sure you follow these steps before beginning. First, get to know a micrometer’s anatomy. The 7 key parts include a ratchet stop, sleeve, anvil, spindle, thimble, thimble lock, and frame. The ratchet stop is at the base of a micrometer. The sleeve is the component right next to the thimble.

The anvil is one area where you put the material next to when measuring. The spindle is what can move closer or further away from the material, while the thimble lock holds the material in place when measuring. The frame is the body that holds the material underneath, so it does not get away with an inaccurate reading.

After you familiarize yourself with the best micrometer it is time to clean the device before you use it. By using a cloth, or clean piece of paper put it amid the spindle and the anvil. Twist the cloth back and forth, while you tighten the micrometer.

This will make sure that you can get a precise measurement before you even begin. Not only is this for practice, but also to ensure your device is clean without any abnormalities.

Now, it is time to start measuring. Start by holding the object you want to measure in your left hand. The material should also be up alongside the anvil. With the anvil stationary, you will be able to take on the most pressure, rather than the spindle piece, which could easily break. Be sure that the object is not moving because it could scratch your micrometer.

Your right hand should be holding the micrometer during this portion. The palm of your hand can hold the frame steady, or you can fasten the device to something stationary, like a table or workbench. If you go this route, you will be able to have a more hands-free setting.

The ratchet should be spun counterclockwise; also, make sure that the thimble is lined to 0. You can check this by looking at the sleeve scale. Continue to twist until the material is lined up snug next to the spindle. With enough force, the thimble will actually click. When you hear 3 clicks that are traditionally a stopping point to be proud of.

A thimble lock can then be used to keep the material still in the micrometer. The spindle can still be moved, however, even in lock mode. After you have locked the measurement, you can slide the object out of place.

Do this carefully, so no scratches will come to your precious micrometer. Additionally, a scratch can even ruin the accuracy that you are trying to go for.

When you are done removing the object, right out your measurement. As you finish, make sure to clean your micrometer before you put it away, too. This way, you can assure that your micrometer will be ready to go the next time around.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Micrometers


Q-1: How important are precision and accuracy when measuring?

  • Precision and accuracy are important, but they do not need to be focused on simultaneously to get the best reading. In certain cases, you may want one or the other. However, the best reading has precision and accuracy aligned together. When you see the value you have measured, you should check the reading again for best results. This way, you will be striving for the best of both worlds.

Q-2: How do I set a dial bore gauge with a micrometer?

  • This is one of the most common methods when measuring on a micrometer. But, this is tricky when completing this on your own. A vise maybe your best friend, in this case, to help you stabilize. With the vise holding the micrometer down, you can use your hands to dial out the bore gauge. Also, make sure to put a cloth for padding down when using a vise.
  • Some even vise the gage itself, while they hold the micrometer on the other hand. Both are tricky, but find what is easiest for you to perform. Then, you can get the most accurate readings.

Q-3: What is a graduation mark and are they needed with a micrometer?

  • With a micrometer, unless the product is digital, there will be graduation marks. These can be printed, engraved, or etched on. Most are not painted or scribed on the micrometer because this will wear off a lot easier than the alternative. Each micrometer brand will have its own preference, but make sure you have graduation marks that last. It is imperative to have these marks, so you can make sure your readings are as accurate as possible.

Q-4: How often does a micrometer need to be calibrated?

  • When it comes to calibration, it really depends on what you think is best for your produce. Some do this every year, while others do it even more regularly, especially if they are using the product daily.

Q-5: What are the pros of using a micrometer?

  • As one of the best precision tools on the market to date, micrometers are very accurate when measuring. They can measure directly to the 100 thousandth place, especially with digital varieties. Micrometers are a reliable piece of machinery because of the uniform pressure that they use time after time. The scale functions perfectly together while being made of durable materials that will not wear out.

Q-6: What are the cons of using a micrometer?

  • Best micrometers have their cons, too. With a limited range, this can be frustrating when you need it to measure something bigger than it presently can do. Larger objects to measure usually call for a bigger micrometer, which can cost a whole lot more. Also, some jobs call for a specific kind of micrometer and that can mean the micrometer you are using is obsolete just because of the line of work.

Q-7: What factors impact accuracy?

  • There are many factors that impact accuracy, but the skill of the user is the most important. This is really why the operator needs to know what type of caliper is best for them. It could be the difference between good and bad measurements. Let us say you decide to go with a caliper that does outside measurements that you do not know how to use properly. Your accurate measurement will struggle when measuring because of your limited understanding. Also, if your micrometer is not calibrated enough, this will factor into the problem, too. Lastly, make sure your zero point is online because this can cause an error, too.


Final Verdict


At the end of the day, you have to find the best micrometer that works for you. Not everyone likes the same features or the same brand. But, you can find something that makes your life easier when measuring. So, take your time and start investigating. Even give a few micrometers a test run and then go with your mind and your gut. This way, you will have found a product that will make you happy and satisfied. Good luck getting as accurate as possible with your next micrometer.

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