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The Best Home Leg Press Machines in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

One of the most important parts of every person’s life is personal fitness. According to experts, fitness is what helps us to boost our immunity to fight various illnesses. Following the self-quarantine order issued by most states, making your way to the gym has totally become impossible forcing most gym enthusiasts to look out for various gym equipment one of which is the best leg press machine.

Now, why choose a leg press machine over other gym equipment anyway? You will bear with me when I mention that working out your legs is one of the most neglected exercises, as most people tend to focus more on their upper bodies.

What we usually forget is that the lower body consists of half of your body’s mass thanks to key parts such as the muscles, calves, thighs, butts, and quadriceps. Now, to keep these parts in good shape, performing certain exercises, especially those that involve strengthening your lower parts, is very critical.

So, since going to the gym might be a difficult endeavor for most people, especially now, this guide will review ten of the leading workout machines that will definitely make a difference for your home gym activities.



10 Best Leg Press Machines: Editor’s Top Picks


Top 10 Best Leg Press Machines Reviews:

1. Body-Solid GLPH1100 Leg Press/Hack Squat Machine

Body Solid GLPH1100 Leg Press Hack Squat

According to expert trainers, one way you can make your workouts incredibly powerful without exposing yourself to any injuries is by using a leg press. The Body-Solid GLPH1100 is one of the best gym equipment that has stepped up the challenge.

An example of the 45-degrees leg press machine, this machine provides the best support that lets you work out your quads, glutes, and calves with enthusiasm.

About the construction, this machine is designed with a very solid 2″x 4″ 11-gauge steel frame that offers immense support to people with varying weights. Its reclining backrest and diamond footplates provide ample support and comfort when training.

Another smart feature of this machine is the adjustable backrest. Together with the adjustable footrest, these two allow you to set yourself in a variety of ways to perform a variety of workouts. Finally, the Body-Solid GLPH1100 is designed with an undercarriage plate design that gives you easy access to the plates when loading.


  • Comes with solid construction.
  • Its high adjustability makes it easier to switch between workouts.
  • Thick padding for added comfort.
  • Offers a weight limit of nearly 1000 pounds.
  • Offers three safety-lock positions for maximum safety.


  • Assembly is quite a challenge.
  • The footplate is very narrow.

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2. Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine

Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine, Full Body...

The Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine is an example of gym equipment that has managed to take versatility to a completely new level. A piece of awesome equipment hailed by most gym enthusiasts, this machine has combined three different strength-building equipment into one, not just to save space, but also to take your strength training experience to another level.

Inside this awesome machine, there’s a smith machine, an Olympic-free-weight rack, and a cable routed pulley system in all one comprehensive package.

Following this machine’s versatility, people can perform a wide range of exercises that will help you work out various muscles within the body such as your biceps, triceps, and pectorals among others.

About the machine’s safety, users will take advantage of the adjustable bench that inclines at an angle of 13° to 81°. This machine utilizes a super-strong airplane cable that has a tensile strength of 2000 lbs. allowing it to handle the most extreme muscle strength exercises.

The Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine has a wide footplate and it comes with multiple accessories that make your daily workout safe and more convenient. Some of these accessories include the pulley cable handle, the triceps rope, shiver bar, lat bar, ankle bar, and v-bar.


  • Comes with multiple accessories for easy workouts.
  • The machine is a combination of three different high-intensity strength machines.
  • Has an adjustable bench for comfort and easy switch between exercises.
  • Able to handle heavyweights thanks to the sturdy aircraft cable.
  • 6 weight plate pegs on the frame allow you to organize your plates easily.


  • The pulleys that support the weights tend to get stuck.
  • The instruction manual is very shallow.

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3. Body-Solid Powerline P2LPX Home Gym Equipment with Leg Press

Powerline by Body-Solid P2LPX Home Gym...

According to most trainers, the best way of building strength is by achieving a full-body workout. This can be achieved by exercising both the upper and lower body. One machine that will allow you to achieve all these at the comfort of your home is the Body-Solid Powerline P2LPX.

This leg press machine combines the functionality of a functional trainer and a leg press to help you perform a variety of high-intensity exercises such as the multi-press arms, leg extensions, and ab crunch among others.

About the design, the Body-Solid Powerline P2LPX is designed with an adjustable seat and has a low, mid and high pulley system that lets you perform a wide range of full-body exercises without exposing yourself to any risks.

Since the leg press is the main focus here, Solid-Body has allowed you to double the weight you’re able to lift from the usual 160 lbs. to 320 lbs.

What’s more? Well, since this machine is designed with a combination of two machines, it has an intricate design that makes assembly quite a breeze. Thankfully, with the help of a manual and some tools, assembly is made easy without having to call a specialist.


  • It has a very solid construction.
  • Has combined two machines into one.
  • It’s versatility allows you to perform a variety of exercises.
  • It has an increased resistance of up to 320 pounds.
  • The seat and back pads are adjustable to fit virtually any user.


  • Since it’s large, assembly is quite tedious.
  • The machine wobbles a bit.

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4. Body-Solid Powerline BSGLPX Leg Press for BSG10X Home Gym

Body-Solid Powerline BSGLPX Leg Press for...

We all know how indoor space has become an issue in the recent metropolitan lifestyle. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t add a piece of gym equipment just because you have limited space. The Body-Solid Powerline BSGLPX is one of the most compact leg press machines that allow you to perform a variety of exercises without feeling limited.

This gym equipment is more of a leg press attachment that’s only compatible with the BSG10X Home Gym. With a weight of just 24 pounds, it’s clear that this machine is compact making it the best for small apartments where space is a major issue.

When combined with the BSG10X Home Gym, the Body-Solid Powerline BSGLPX adds the leg press exercise to the long list of exercises that are offered by the “mother” machine.

This machine is constructed from steel and is fitted with extra pulleys that allow you to work out a variety of leg muscle groups such as your quadriceps, hamstring, and glutes. This attachment has extra-large leg plates and a padded seat and backrest that offer you a high level of comfort when exercising.


  • Compact and doesn’t occupy much of your indoor space.
  • It’s very sturdy and doesn’t wobble.
  • The pulley system provides a very smooth workout experience.
  • It’s very easy to attach or detach from the main machine.
  • It lets you perform a variety of exercises.


  • The footplates are curved making you quite uncomfortable.
  • The pulley systems are too low.

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5. FORCE USA Monster Ultimate 45 Degree Leg Press

In case you’ve been complaining about wobbling and lack of balance in your specific gym equipment, then you might be interested to see what the FORCE USA Monster Ultimate Leg Press has to offer. Just as its name suggests, this machine is a perfect example of the 45-degrees leg press machine.

Having learned about the many benefits that come with the 45-degrees machine, it’s clear that this one too will not disappoint when it comes to offering you the highest level of comfort and still protecting your back from too many strains.

About the construction, the FORCE USA Monster Ultimate Leg Press is engineered from a 2″x4″ powder-coated steel frame that’s very stiff. It has a wide range of motion that makes it ideal for users of all heights.

The backrest is padded and adjustable to make it easier for the machine to combine two machines into one. Whether it’s performing the leg press or the hack squat, this machine will allow you to exercise your body while taking advantage of the 1000 lbs. weight capacity.

Although this machine is compact enough to be used in small rooms, its 463 pounds worth of weight makes it a poor choice if you’re intending to move it time after time. You, therefore, need to find a permanent location to fit it to make things much easier.


  • It has 5 safety lock positions that guarantee your safety when exercising.
  • Construction consists of a heavy-duty steel mainframe.
  • It has a wide range of motion.
  • Provides both leg press and hack squat exercises.
  • The machine glides smoothly without sticking.


  • At 463 pounds, this machine is very heavy.
  • The backrest comes off easily when doing squats.


6. 4-Way Hip Sled

TDS 4-Way Hip Sled to use as Leg Press, HACK...

The TDS 4-WayHip Sled may seem small in complexation. However, the amount of work it handles is quite impressive. Constructed from a 2″ Sq. steel tube, this machine is very solid and quite compact at the same time making it easier for you to move it around without straining your body.

Another great example of a 45-degrees leg press machine, this gym equipment allows you to perform four different exercises, which are the leg press, the hack squat, the forward thrust, and the calf raise. For flawless movement, this machine is equipped with 8 wheels each weighing 750 lbs.

When it comes to your personal comfort, this machine has thick padding at the back that offers you ample support when performing a variety of exercises.

About the construction, this squat machine has wide deck plates that offer you ample space to fit your feet when working out. The range of motion is also wide allowing people with different heights to use the machine easily.

One thing most people will really love about this machine is the high weight capacity that goes up to 1000 lbs. It’s also easy to adjust though it doesn’t come with the Olympic plates which you’ll have to buy separately.


  • It offers a weight capacity of 1000 lbs.
  • It’s very easy to assemble.
  • The deck plates are very wide.
  • It has a smooth wheel movement.
  • Heavy-duty steel frame construction.


  • The assembly instructions are quite shallow.
  • The machine is quite expensive.

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7. TDS Premier Vertical Leg Press – Silver Grey

TDS Premier Vertical Leg Press with 1000LB...

The TDS Premier Vertical Leg Press is another machine that has made its name in the professional gym space. A good example of the vertical leg press, this machine allows you to work out your quadriceps, your hamstrings, glutes, and calf raise to build muscles on the lower body.

This machine is designed to be used alongside Olympic-sized plates that let you exercise your legs, hams, and quads. The construction consists of heavy-duty steel construction that allows users with different weights to exercise. To be precise, the weight limit is a whopping 1000 lbs. which makes this machine the best for a wide range of users.

Speaking of comfort, the TDS Premier Vertical Leg Press is equipped with a well-padded headrest that guarantees you maximum comfort when exercising. The machine offers a fluid and smooth movement when exercising allowing you to complete several reps without facing any challenges.


  • It has extra thick padding that keeps you comfortable.
  • It can handle a weight limit of up to 1000 pounds.
  • It has a wide range of motion.
  • The plates are extra wide and very sturdy.
  • The 200 pounds makes it easier to move this machine.


  • The instructions are less detailed.
  • The machine is quite wide for people with small spaces.

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8. Powertec Fitness Compact Leg Sled Black

Powertec Fitness Compact Leg Sled Black

If you’re looking for a leg press machine that will fit your small space, then the Powertec Fitness Compact Leg Sled Back will definitely prove to be a smart companion. A perfect example of a 45-degree leg press, this machine allows you to perform both light and high-intensity exercises without eating much of your space.

The machine is designed with 8 nylon bearing wheels that provide a super smooth ride when performing various workouts. To allow it to handle a variety of weights, Powertec Fitness has opted to use a heavy-duty steel tubing.

Now, to offer more than just the required strength, the steel tubing is coated with a matte black finish to prevent it from corrosion as well as regular wear and tear.

When it comes to your comfort, this machine is equipped with a heavily padded backrest that can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of users. It also has a high tensile footplate and safety levers on either side of the reclining bench to help you control your movement and avoid accidents.

Finally, the Powertec Fitness Compact Leg Sled Back is designed to endure a load capacity of 700 lbs. making it one of the best machines to consider for high-intensity exercises.


  • Assembling this machine is quite easy.
  • Bearing wheels allow for a super smooth operation.
  • Reclining bench provides a wider range of motion.
  • Handles a high weight capacity.
  • The backseat is padded for added comfort.


  • Unfortunately, the Olympic weight plates are sold separately.
  • The footplate is quite slippery.

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9. Marcy Impex Powder Coated Steel Home Gym Adjustable Weight Bench

Marcy Adjustable 6 Position Utility Bench...

The Marcy Impex Powder Coated Steel Home Gym is one of the most sort-out-after home gym equipment in the market and for a good reason. Not only is it a versatile machine, but this unit is also compact enough to fit in most small spaces.

With dimensions of 65 x 23 x 46.5 inches and a weight of just 53 pounds, it’s easy to see why this machine has been a favorite choice for most people.

To make it a one-in-all machine, Marcy has equipped this machine with a 6-position reclining back pad that can be modified from an incline, flat, to a decline position. With such a brilliant mechanism, this machine can perform a wide range of exercises such as the incline press, leg curls, and leg extensions.

To perform a full-body workout, the incline presses will target your upper chest while the leg curls will develop your glutes and hamstrings. The leg extensions will target your quadriceps and the rest of your leg muscles allowing you to work out the entire body without adding multiple machines.

The Marcy Impex Powder Coated Steel Home Gym is well padded for added comfort and it’s coated with a powder-coated steel finish to give it years of heavy-duty use. This machine can handle weights amounting to 600 pounds making it one of the best for medium-sized users.


  • It’s easily folded for convenient storage.
  • The wheels and the handle make mobility a breeze.
  • This machine allows a full-body workout.
  • The back pad can recline in multiple positions.
  • Convenient for small spaces.


  • Both the Olympic and standard weights are sold separately.
  • Not the best for tall users beyond 6’ 2”.

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10. Weider Ultimate Body Works

Weider Ultimate Body Works Black/Red,...

To finalize our review on a high, we have the Weider Ultimate Body Works. Unlike most of the machines we’ve reviewed here, this one is designed to use your own body-weight as the resistance thus allowing you to perform numerous high-intensity workouts.

The design of this best home leg press machine is one of the most unique in the market. Instead of loading weights and Olympic plates, this machine uses a combination of resistance cords and cable pulleys to perform a wide range of exercises.

Like it’s not enough, Weider has added an 8-level reclining backrest that lets you incline or recline the seat to perform those exercises that target your upper, middle and lower bodies. Whether it’s the seated chest press, lateral pulldown, squats or v-crunch, the Weider Ultimate Body Works will never disappoint you.

About its convenience, this gym equipment can easily fold to make storage a breeze. Although its maximum weight capacity is the lowest (250 pounds), this machine has a lot to be celebrated especially when you consider how affordable it tends to be.


  • It has a very solid frame construction.
  • Very easy to assemble and light enough to transport.
  • Designed to target a wider range of muscle groups.
  • It doesn’t rely on Olympic weights.
  • Stable and doesn’t wobble when exercising.


  • Resistance cords and cable pulleys are quite inconvenient
  • The handles are quite uncomfortable.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Leg Press Machine


Although we’ve mentioned ten of the best leg press machines in the market, it may not be enough to guarantee you the best purchase if you’re unaware of the various features that are worth paying for. Due to that reason, it is mandatory that you research the market thoroughly to have an idea of what exactly you’re looking for.

So, whether you’re looking for an isolateral, a standard single platform, or a strong 11-gauge steel leg press, this section will highlight some of the key leg press machine characteristics that should be considered at all costs.

  • 1. Space:

The first factor that’s of paramount importance when choosing any leg press machine for your personal fitness is the space. Here, you’ll need to consider the size of the machine and the amount of space it can occupy.

If the machine is intended for home use where the amount of space available is limited, then you have to look for a compact alternative that will manage to fit snugly. You see, to enjoy your workouts to the maximum, your specific gym equipment should be at the center of the room where there are no interruptions whatsoever.

At least this way, you’ll be able to get on and off the leg press machine while reducing the chances of accidents.

  • 2. Versatility:

Leg press machine varies greatly depending on the type of workouts you’re looking to specialize in. While some machines are intended to allow a specific legs workout, others are versatile and open to multiple adjustments allowing you to perform other exercises such as hack quads, calf raises, and reverse leg presses among others.

Other than the adjustability, these machines are packed with smart features and multiple add-ons that add to their versatility.

  • 3. Budget:

Although some people may argue otherwise, your budget is one paramount factor you must never fail to consider. After you examine all the features, determining how much you’re willing to spend is very important.

In most cases, people believe that expensive products go hand in hand with quality. Although that’s the case, there are those cheaper options that offer the same level of working capacity as their high-profile counterparts. So, in such a case, it’s wise that you examine the features, pros, and cons of every leg press machine to see which among them fits your budget and workout level.

  • 4. Ease of Assembly:

Just like any other machine, the best leg press machine will require to be assembled at some point to make it stable. Now, how easy or how difficult it is to assemble your machine greatly depends on its model and design. So, to make things easier for you, you need to check the instructions and the tools required for the assembly to see whether they’re easy to find.

  • 5. Materials and Constructions:

Depending on the type of workouts you’ll be performing, you’ll definitely need to shop for a study machine that will manage to withstand the heavy repeated motion. Although most machines’ frames are made of various materials, steel, especially 2”x3” 11-gauge steel is the best to consider, as it’s solid, durable, and stable enough to withstand heavy-duty use.

Apart from the frame, you’ll need to consider the bearings. Here, you need to ensure that the bearings are made of tough materials such as steel and brass to allow them to withstand high pressure. Avoid buying leg press machines that have many plastic parts as they might disintegrate quickly and fail to serve their purpose.

  • 6. Comfort:

Cushioning and lumbar support are other factors that must be considered when choosing a leg press machine. Of course, for your workouts to be effective, you need to rest in a comfortable position, one that will not lead to any injuries.

For that reason, examine the cushioning of the machine you’re buying to ensure that it has tough ultra-thick padding that will keep it ergonomically contoured for maximum support. When choosing the type of padding material, always consider polyurethane padding over the rest. That’s because polyurethane is not affected by sweat so it doesn’t crack or produce a bad odor.

  • 7. Maximum Weight Capacity:

This is another factor that needs to be examined carefully when choosing a leg press machine. Here, you need to ask yourself about the amount of weight you’re able to lift. The amount of athletic performance you’re able to achieve is what will help you determine whether to consider a machine rated at 500 lbs. or one that’s rated over 1000 lbs.


Types of Leg Press Machines


Which leg press machine will suit my specific workouts? Well, that’s a critical question you need to ask yourself before landing on a specific machine. Now, depending on your needs, there are three major types of leg press machines available in the market.

There are horizontal machines, vertical machines and finally, the 45 degrees leg press machines. Now, each of these machines has its own set of features that distinguish it from each other. Although they all work to strengthen your muscles, here are some important differences you might need to be aware of regarding each of these three machines.

  • 1. Horizontal Leg Press:

Just as its name suggests, this type of machine is designed to rest parallel to the ground. Due to this unique characteristic, this machine is considered to be the easiest to use as you have a more controlled sitting posture that lets you press the machine with less effort.

The machine has a sled that gets its resistance from a cable attached to the specific weight you’re working with. Depending on the design of the machine, the weight can be behind you, underneath or in front of you.

Due to its horizontal design, this leg press machine is considered the safest and the easiest to use making it the best alternative for starters and for those people looking to conduct light leg press exercises. Additionally, these machines have handles on either side that make it easier for you to adjust your body when performing your workouts.

Now, although the horizontal leg press machine has immense benefits, it doesn’t come without some flaws though. One of them is the amount of space it occupies. Since it’s a horizontal machine, it occupies a large space making it ideal for homes with large spaces.

Another drawback with this machine is that it can lead to a sloppy sitting position that can cause your head to slide off the bench. To maintain stability, your lower back will have to be worked more thus removing the focus from your legs/lower body. This can lead to back injury if you’re not careful.


  • 2. Vertical Leg Press:

The vertical leg press is quite the opposite of our previous horizontal leg press. While the previous machine has its weight pressing outwards, this one has its weight lifting upwards. Here, the weight lies just above your hips meaning you have to lie on a well-padded headrest to make it easier for you to push your legs up.

Now, one major advantage of the leg press machine is that it’s an economical option that makes it suitable for small spaces. Another advantage of this machine is that it offers ample support to your back throughout your workout session. This is quite different from the horizontal leg press machine, which can expose you to back pains.

By pushing the weights upwards, you’re able to boost your quads. This forces your thigh muscles to take all the weight leading to a perfect workout.

As far as this machine goes, it has one major flaw which only affects a particular class of people. Due to its vertical setting, the type of workout you’ll have to perform with this machine is very intense. That makes it totally unsuitable for seniors or people with less muscle strength.


  • 3. Standard 45-Degree Leg Press Machine:

Finally, there’s the 45-angle leg press. With this machine, an athlete sits back on an inclined chair, about 45 degrees, and pushes the weight up using his/her legs. The reason why it’s called the 45-degrees is the fact that you have to sit at an angle when working out other than resting in a horizontal position parallel to the ground.

This type of leg press machine is, in fact, the most common in the market and with a good reason. That’s because it’s safe and very easy to use. One, the weight is loaded on each side of the sliding carriage giving you a uniform weight to push.

Secondly, this machine works in a very smooth motion without causing any noise. This has been made possible by the use of linear bearings that make it easier for you to push heavy weights with low friction.

Another huge advantage of this machine is the 45-degree sitting angle that lets you sit at an angle rather than lying flat. This helps you to expose most parts of your lower body into extreme workouts such as your hamstrings, gluteus maximus, soleus (calf muscles) and adductor Magnus.

Although this machine has immense benefits, the International Sports Science Association has mentioned that the 45-degrees sitting posture might force you to lift your hips during workouts which can force you to curve your back exposing you to back pains.


Reasons for Using Leg Press Machine at Home


In the past, the only machines found in most gyms were dumbbells and barbells. However, in the day-to-day gym activities, other gym types of equipment have emerged such as stair climbers, vertical climbers, vibration plates, and leg presses.

Now, the leg press is considered one of the most inferior exercises when compared to deadlifts and quad presses. Nonetheless, this machine has its own key benefits that make it a must-have for any gym enthusiast. So, to understand the purpose of the leg press, here are some reasons that will show you why exactly you’ll need this machine.

  • 1. Saves you Time and Money:

The first reason why you need a leg press machine at the comfort of your home is the fact that it saves you time and money. You see, making your way to the gym daily is time-consuming. It’s also inconvenient as some gyms don’t open up for 24 hours meaning you have to reschedule your activities just to make time to attend the gym.

About the money factor, gym sessions tend to be costly in the long run as compared to if you had one in your home. A $70 a month gym membership will cost you nearly $840 annually. If you consider spending the same amount for a couple of years, you’ll find that the total cost will be way more than enough to purchase a high-quality leg press machine.

  • 2. Rehabilitation:

For the case of rehabilitation scenarios, where you have serious lower and upper back injuries, performing a strength-building workout, using a squat press, will be impossible. In such cases, the leg press is the only realistic machine you can use to put your lower body’s muscle mass on work without straining your upper body.

  • 3. Strength Improvement for Seniors:

One painful reality with aging is that you begin to develop shoulder problems, back issues, and other chronic conditions. With such conditions, lifting a loaded barbell will be next to impossible. So, to help seniors build strength without exposing them to any risks, a leg press is considered the best gym equipment.

  • 4. Supports Multiple Leg Exercises:

As you all know, the leg constituents a significant portion of your overall body mass. It has the quadriceps, hamstring and the glutes. Back to the leg press, this machine is versatile enough to allow you to perform a variety of exercises that target each of these lower body parts.


Advantages of Using a Leg Press Machine

If you’re serious about building muscles, then you’ll definitely need to perform progressive overload. This is usually achieved by breaking down your muscles with resistance training, followed by ample rest and good nutrition.

According to most fitness trainers, most people focus on their upper bodies and neglect their legs. They focus more on barbell squat exercises and forget to use the leg press machine to strengthen their lower muscles.

So, to avoid some of these mistakes, let’s discuss some key benefits that will show you why you really need the best leg press machine as part of your home gym arsenal.

  1. Prevents Injuries:

If you have an injury or maybe you’re an athlete recovering from a serious fracture, the leg press is among the gym equipment that takes care of your delicate condition. That’s because this machine allows you to put all the strain on your lower body and at the same time reduce the strain on your upper fragile body.

Additionally, the leg press provides equal weight distribution in the case of eccentric and concentric motions. This is quite different from barbell exercises where the weight plates can shift leading to uneven weight distribution.

  1. Supports Multiple Foot Positions:

The leg press is one of the most versatile machines that target multiple muscle groups across the entire lower body. This machine lets you work out your quads, hamstrings, calf muscles and glutes. It also puts more emphasis on the adductor muscles, vastusmedialis, and vastusintermedius parts of the quadriceps.

  1. Improves Your Jump:

If you’re an athlete, you’ll bear with me when I mention that muscle strength in your legs is very important. Sports such as basketball, weight lifting, and soccer all require muscle strength to help you jump when competing.

However, since the legs consist of a complex group of muscles, combining the leg press with other exercises such as dumbbell lunges, leg extensions, and hamstring curls, will help develop every muscle throughout the lower body.

  1. Helps you Lift Heavier Heights:

If you’re performing a squat, tension is put on the shoulders, back, legs, hips, and back. This makes it very difficult for you to lift heavy weight especially if you have an injury. However, if you’re using a leg press, you can easily handle more weight without exposing your back to any danger.

  1. Comfort:

Another benefit of using a leg press is the level of comfort it offers. Unlike barbell squats, the leg press allows you to exercise comfortably while resting at the comfort of the seat. Most machines even offer comfort features such as footrests, back pads, headrests, and slip-resistant footplates only to maintain the best comfort.


How to Use a Leg Press Machine Safely

Although leg press machines are hailed for their effectiveness, they’re some of the most dangerous gym equipment that can be hazardous if they’re abused or used incorrectly. If you happen to search the internet, you’ll be amazed to see countless stories and confessions of people who’ve used these machines incorrectly.

Since some of this information may not be included in the machine’s manual, here are some basic tips that will show you how you can use this machine safely.

  1. Avoid Locking your Knees:

One of the most fatal mistakes people make when performing leg presses is locking their knees whenever they complete a full rep. You see, by doing this, most of the weight will be shifted to the joints exposing them to hyperextension.

In case the weight you’re lifting overwhelms you, then it means that you might end up damaging your knees permanently. So, to avoid this, always bend your knees a little to maintain the load on the muscles.

  1. Keep your Hands off the Knees:

Another mistake most people do, especially beginners are placing their hands next to their knees when working out. You see, a leg press machine is designed with build-in-handles where your hands are supposed to hold to when exercising.

This ensures that the resistance from the weights is solely loaded on your hamstrings, glutes, quads, and calves making the exercise effective.

By holding your knees with your hands, what happens is that you shift the resistance from your lower body to your upper body on the chest, shoulders, triceps, and abs. This is very dangerous, especially in your specific sitting position, as it forces you to lean forward thus straining your spine.

  1. Find a Perfect Resting Position:

Another factor that’s of paramount importance when using a leg press is finding the right resting position. Thankfully, most leg press machines have reclining backrests, which means you only have to complete an empty rep to find the best resting position. By doing this, you’ll only save your spine from straining but you’ll also enjoy a wide range of motion when exercising especially if you’re tall.

  1. Complete Each Rep Smoothly:

If you watch some videos, you’ll be amazed to see how people perform explosive reps just to impress others. We call this “ego lifting” and it’s not necessary. When you’re lifting the weights in your home gym, you’re all alone there without a trainer, a spotter, or someone to impress.

Therefore, you need to be really careful as any small misjudgment can lead to fatal consequences. So, to avoid that, always consider leg pressing in a smooth controlled fashion.


Final Verdict

As you can see, the best leg press machine offers the most convenient and secure method of working out your lower body. While most machines only target the upper body such as the shoulders, chest, triceps, and abs, the leg press targets the lower muscles such as the hamstrings, glutes, quads, and calves.

For beginners with less knowledge about these machines, this guide has offered you some key considerations you should look up for before parting with your money. We’ve also discussed some useful safety factors to adhere to when exercising as well as some key benefits of using a leg press.

Finally yet importantly, if you’ve read this guide up to this point, then we don’t see the reason why you should hide your legs under baggy pants while there’s a lot you can benefit from this insightful guide.

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