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The Best Brake Pads for Silverado 1500 in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

So, you got yourself a Chevy Silverado. You have done it. All that saving and penny pinching has gotten you to the truck of your dreams. But, now you are wanting to add some awesomeness to your vehicle. We do not blame you. There is so much to do out there with the Chevy Silverado 1500, especially when it comes to the best brake pads for Silverado 1500.

Sure, a new paint job, bed liner, or rims might be at the top of your list, but brake pads are a need for any Silverado 1500. Not only will they add value to your truck, but they will also do the most important job you need from them: keeping you safe. Do not just take our word for it. There are so many products out there that can do a Silverado 1500 justice, but brakes should be at the top of your list.

With all that in mind, let us dive into the world of breaks. Throughout this article, you will find yourself checking out new products, reading over a buyer’s guide, understanding more about the different kinds of brakes, and getting the most important questions answered to help you along on this journey. Shall we say more! No, let’s get on with it.



Best Brake Pads for Silverado 1500: Editor’s Top Picks


Top 10 Best Brake Pads for Silverado 1500 Reviews:

Throughout this section, you will embark on an adventure finding the top-10 brakes for your Silverado 1500. We know that there are a plethora of choices out there for you to choose from. Now, that might seem a little overwhelming, but trust us when we say, “We got you covered!”

1. Power Stop K6560 Front & Rear Brake Kit 

Power Stop K6560 Front and Rear Z23 Carbon...


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The first brake pads on the list come to us from Power Stop. This great brand has engineered some of the best ceramic brakes around. Why are they above the rest? Well, these ceramic brakes are not your old man’s edition. These brakes are a carbon-fiber variety that helps your brakes along, so they last and last.

You will also love that these brakes kick off limited dust. Power Stop did a test in Los Angeles, California, when this product was in its infancy stage. The testing showed that these brakes averaged less dust by 30%. One of the amazing things about this test was that a 3rd party was the one who performed the test. Ultimately, less bias was involved and so was the limited dust.

When talking about the rotor with these brakes, you should know that they are zinc plated. This means that rust will not be an issue for you. As you decide upon the right brakes for you, you will receive stainless steel hardware for installation, as well as brake lubricant that can withstand extra high pressures and temperatures if you choose this kit.

Not only do these brakes fit well with the Silverado 1500, but they also work for a variety of other brands. Some of the brands include Cadillac and GMC. Just some extra information if you have friends that are interested in the same brakes, but have a different vehicle.

Quick Consideration

  • Weigh just over 100 pounds as a set
  • Ideal for rear braking
  • This model is a noise-free option
  • You can add upgrades to these brakes
  • Installation goes very quick because of the 1-click system
  • Amazing stopping power that holds on a dime

Now Think Again

  • Do not work as front brakes
  • These brakes have a hard time burning in


2. ACDelco 171-1007 GM Orginal Equipment

GM Genuine Parts 171-1007 Front Disc Brake...


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The brand ACDelco is to be praised for this extremely useful kit. Specifically, for front brakes, this model has been molded to be friction-free. With bond integrity that will last for years, these brakes are seriously no joke. Add in the best shims, chamfers, and slots, and you will have brake pads that will not vibrate, expel loud noises, or have brake harshness issues.

Of course, this brand can be used for any GM vehicle, but Silverado 1500s works well with these brakes. For the best functionality, form, and fit, you may not have to read about any other brake options on this list. Ultimately, these brakes will not have a problem stopping for you, and you will find that they last longer than other brake pads that you have used before.

Quick Consideration

  • Only 4.53 pounds per brake pad
  • Many professionals use ACDelco brakes on their vehicle
  • The rotor will only show light wear and tear after a few years
  • You will only need an 18 mm socket to install these brakes
  • Many customers say these brakes lasted over 100,000 kilometers
  • Amazing customer service on these brakes if they come damaged during shipping

Now Think Again

  • Bolts can sometimes be missing from the packaging
  • Pads can come chipped


3. Power Stop K2009 Front Brake Kit with Drilled/Slotted Brake Rotors

Power Stop Front K2009 Carbon-Fiber Ceramic...


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Power Stop has done it again with some amazing pair of ceramic brake pads. As a customed-made set, these Z23 Evolution models work together to provide the best braking power day after day after day. Because of their make-up, you will notice that these brakes are dust-free and you will not have to deal with noisy braking either.

With the help of rubber shims, you will love how long these brakes will last for you and your Silverado 1500. Even with the slots and drilling from these rotors, you will not have to worry about cooling issues with these brakes. They just stay cool naturally. There is even a DTV tolerance of 0.0005 of an inch, which is extra precise.

When looking to install these brakes, know that you will receive an amazing hardware kit, as well as brake lubricant for the ceramic pads. In the end, you will easily be able to install these brakes on your Silverado 1500. Is that not what you want? Great brake pads that are easy to do yourself? That is what we thought.

Quick Consideration

  • All the pads only weigh 42.6 pounds
  • The zinc-plated rotors will never rust
  • No need for upgrades with this brake model
  • The pads come with rubber boots that will help with your caliper bolts
  • The package comes with 3 rotors and 4 separate brake pads
  • Amazing looking brakes that were created for greatness

Now Think Again

  • Can have some reverse fad issues
  • The installation may have a discrepancy for the number of lugs that fit this product


4. Akebono ACT905 Brake Pads

Akebono ACT905 Disc Brake Pad Kit


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The next grouping of brake pads comes to us from Akebono, and you will not be disappointed by their product. As some of the best brake pads around, these are certainly an upgrade from the standard OE semi-metallic ones you get in a Silverado 1500. Even if you have low-metallic or organic brakes in your vehicle, this option will work for you as well.

One thing you will love about these brakes is the fact that they are extremely quiet as far as brakes go. They will help control any noise, harness, or vibrations that your Silverado 1500 may have had previously. These brakes are so effective that you will not even need to break them in. How cool is that? Even the rotors are top-notch, allowing them to stay in your vehicle for a longer period.

Due to the sensational ceramic equation, you will get great performance out of this product. It is a product like this that you should be proud of when you put it in your truck. At only 1.77 pounds per pad, they barely weigh anything at all. As a machined product, you will love how these brake pads go into your vehicle. With the Department of Transportation certifying these brakes, you should have peace of mind putting them in.

Quick Consideration

  • Low dusting issues with these pads
  • Your braking will be very smooth when you push the pedal in
  • Akebono’s trusted brakes have been around for 75 years
  • Be able to replace all four brakes with this product
  • These brakes will last longer than your standard options
  • Very easy to put into your Silverado 1500

Now Think Again

  • Does not come with brake clips
  • Too much dust comes from these brakes


5. Detroit Axle S-55097BK Front Brake Kit

Detroit Axle - Front Brake Kit for Chevy GMC...


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This 4-pack, from Detroit Axle, is an amazing product, with drilled brake rotors as well. First off, you know these will work for your Silverado 1500 because of the 6-lug count that these are made for. For the best stopping power around, expect greatness from this product. The heat will not be an issue for these rotors either because they are slotted and drilled.

Also, you will not have to worry about these brakes fitting or not. They are the exact replacement you need for the easiest installation. With the help of ceramic and copper fibers, these pads can handle the highest temperatures and they have a fast, fast recovery time when the brakes are not in use. On top of that, you will not deal with dust from these brakes. You will also not hear them being in use either. How great!

Quick Consideration

  • Amazing textured product
  • Perfect for GMC, Chevy, and Cadillac models
  • Very inexpensive product
  • Easy to snap in product
  • A sensational value that you will receive from these brakes
  • No vibration or squealing issues

Now Think Again

  • Does not have specific sliding action for these brakes
  • Does not come with slotted holes


6. Power Stop K6560-36 Z36 Truck & Tow Brake Kit

Power Stop K6560-36 Z36 Truck & Tow Front and...


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Power Stop has broken the top-10 again. As some of the brake pads and rotors, you already know their greatness. But, let’s tell you even more that you will like. Made of ceramic, carbon-fibered wonder, you will love how these brake pads can handle the toughest load, and still stop at the press of your brakes.

Additionally, you will love how the brakes have limited dust output, which ends up being 30% less dust. With the help of slotted and drilled rotors, you will have the best cooling of your brakes around. When installing these brakes, you will receive great hardware and brake lubricant. Of course, these brakes will fit your Silverado 1500, but Cadillac and GMC brands can handle these pads as well.

At just over 100 pounds, everything you will receive in this kit will give you a stellar upgrade instead of your stock brakes. Also, with the help of a zinc-plated exterior, you should not have a problem with rust at all. Hot temperatures will not be the death of you either. The rotors take the brunt of the heat and cool down immediately.

Quick Consideration

  • The brakes can handle a truck that hauls loads like boats, RVs, and ATVs
  • Cuts down friction by tenfold
  • Very quiet options
  • Amazing longevity for these brakes
  • Sensational design that is super sleek
  • Stopping power is unparalleled to stock options

Now Think Again

  • Filing may be needed for your brakes
  • The brakes may need to be professional installed


7. Detroit Axle 12″ 6-Lug Front Brake Kit Rotors & Pads

Detroit Axle - Front Brake Kit for Chevy GMC...


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Detroit Axle has done it again with these rotors and pads. As some of the best brake pads for Silverado 1500, you will love how this brake kit gives you sold ceramic brake pads. Along with your purchase, you will receive pad clips to connect your brake pads effectively and efficiently. Built with OEM specifications, these brakes have the best fit around.

The finishing stopping power is something else that you will love with these pads and rotors. With every purchase, you will receive a brake rotor set and brake pads with a clip set to boost. It sounds like a great deal to us, so hopefully, it is for you as well.

Quick Consideration

  • Amazing customer service from Detriot Axle
  • Spectacular fit for brakes that are amazing quality
  • The longevity of these pads are unreal
  • These pads are made of carbon fiber material
  • The installation process will be a breeze for you
  • Very quiet noise level coming off of these brake pads

Now Think Again

  • These are not double piston caliber but rather single cylinder
  • May deal with some squealing over time


8. ACDelco 17D1367CH Professional Ceramic Front Disc Brake Set

ACDelco Gold 17D1367CH Ceramic Front Disc...


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These tested brakes are super effective, as well as noise reduced with limited vibration and harshness issues. It is testing from ACDelco that you should trust when considering these brakes as a quality option for you and your Silverado 1500. When looking for the best brake pads for Silverado 1500, you should certainly consider a product where the brakes are made from ceramic, as well as have components of a semi-metallic nature. With the help of an organic equation, you will have reliable brakes and rotors that you can trust.

Along with these brakes and rotors, know that they are molded in a way with the integrity of the bond will stay true. There will be no surprises from your purchase here. Additionally, with a fortified backing plate, premature weather will not put any wear and tear on your brake and rotors. At only 1 pound per piece, you will get super lightweight products that are built to last.

ACDelco has been in this business for a long time. By selling over 2 million vehicle parts, there is proof in the pudding that they make products that are worth your while. If for any reason, you run into a situation where your product does not live up to your standards, there is a parts warranty to earn your trust and loyalty again. Talk about great limited lifetime protection!

Quick Consideration

  • You will not have a problem installing these pieces
  • A very quiet noise level
  • The stopping power will work for you the way you need these brakes to be
  • Much better than the factor standard Silverado 1500 brakes
  • You will have a shorter stopping distance with these brakes
  • Comes with a bit of grease to help you out with the installation

Now Think Again

  • May need to sand rotors down the brake pads a bit
  • You could have a slight squeak from the brakes to begin


9. Bosch BC1363 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

BOSCH BC1363 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc...


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Bosch enters the party as a top-notch alternative for you as well. With dedicated engineers, they have come up with an exception model for the best stopping power around. The silent operation, and limited dust as well, you will love how the shim gives you great strength.

Made of alloy that is used in the aerospace industry, the patented ceramic, which is completely free of copper, has the formula to push friction off. There is even a layer of protected additives to give your pads and rotors a longer life cycle. With the help of chamfers and slots, you should expect an ideal fit, the best quality, and functionality that is unbelievable.

If you end up buying this product, know that it comes with a completely synthetic lubricant. This will help finish up the brake installation, so there is limited squeaking and squealing. At 5 pounds each, the rotors and pads will not hold you down, but rather top your vehicle simply and efficiently.

Quick Consideration

  • The brakes follow standards in North America
  • Follows 2025 Copper Free Legislation with this product
  • Can be used in domestic, European, and Asian models besides the Silverado 1500
  • QuietCast is the noise-free system for these brakes
  • Comes with an added coating to help your brakes last longer
  • Hardware is included in your purchase

Now Think Again

  • Clips can bend pretty easily if you are not careful
  • Backing plates have been known to fall off over time


10. Wagner QuickStop ZD1363 Ceramic Disc Pad Set

Wagner Brake QuickStop ZD1363 Ceramic Disc...


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Wagner is the last brand to top our list of the top-rated brake pads for Silverado 1500. Perfect for an installation in the back and the front, these brakes will help restore your Silverado to tiptop shape. If you are looking for brakes that have some of the best performance around, they have a great OE fit that is unmatched. When looking for consistency and vibration that will never happen, then these brakes are a must.

One thing that can be super annoying about brake pads is they can wear unevenly. With this brand, you will not have that problem in the slightest. Because of the formulated design, you will have pads that are unique, yet effective for your Silverado 1500. If you do decide to purchase these brakes, you should know that you will receiver hardware that is made of stainless steel. Even the lubricant that you will receive will help your brakes, and maybe even other projects you are looking to complete on your vehicle.

Quick Consideration

  • The brakes can be used for a variety of makes and models
  • Each piece only weighs 3.5 pounds
  • The installation process will not take you much time at all
  • These brakes will make your truck smoother than you ever thought possible
  • Comes with brand new clips to attach easily to your truck
  • No squealing will happen with these brakes

Now Think Again

  • These pads do need to be broken in
  • The pads do not always have a perfect fit with the need for sanding down


Things to Consider When Buying Brake Pads for Silverado 1500


Now that you have an idea about the best product in the business, it is time for you to understand what attributes you should be looking for when picking said brakes and rotors. If you have an understanding of what you can get out of your brakes, the sky will be the limit for you. So, sit back and read on.

  • Padding Material

A lot of times, when people pick brakes, they just find a version that should fit for their vehicle and make their purchase. However, picking the right material is a must in this situation. If you do not know what your brakes are made out of, they may wear down quicker than you thought possible because they do not fit your needs in the end. As you pick the right padding material, you need to think about how well the brakes will stop for you, how they handle in different weather, what their shelf life is, and how they control dust and noise.

  • Knowing Your Rotors

When you are looking for brake pads, a lot of companies send out great rotors as well. But, it is important to know what kind of options you are getting. There are two options that you should get familiar with: standard vs. cross-drilled and slotted.

The basic rotor that many people get these days give you great brake force. Solid rotors are perfect for creating the most friction around, but then slowing down quickly in the process. But, these brakes are known to overheat and brake fading can become a real problem in turn.

On the other hand, the cross-drilled and slotted versions are ideal if you stop and start a lot driving around town. You will also be dealing with less friction than that of the solid rotor alternatives. These rotors use air to help relieve any excess heat or pressure on your truck. Overheating is certainly not a problem here.

Think of cross-drilled and slotted versions as the upgrade to the standard, solid rotors. When traveling downhill, your brakes will stay cool, so only consider solid rotors if you are looking to save some money and/or you live in an area where it is quite flat to drive your truck around. Other than that, go for the upgrade rotors.

  • Having a Budget

For many people, the first thing they think about revolves around money. Do you blame them? They work hard for their money, and they want it to be spread out as far as humanly possible. With that in mind, come into the buying process with a number in mind. If you have no idea what brakes and rotors cost, do some research and then re-evaluate your budget to make it more realistic.

Look for affordable, yet quality-designed brakes when diving into the process. With everything, finding a balance is key. There is no need to buy the most expensive, but you do not have to go cheap on brakes and rotors either.

  • Dust & Noise

Dust and noise can be some of the biggest frustrations when it comes to brakes and rotors. Since the beginning of the automobile, this part of the vehicle has caused problems for many. Businesses have come a long way to help with cleanliness and noise reduction, but some still do not fit the bill.

So, to stay away from any problems, buy great linings that reduce noise. Also, look for brakes that have great stopping power. Because, if they do, you certainly will not be dealing with any dust issues.

  • Wanting A Warranty

One of the last things that you might want to look into for your brakes and rotors involves a warranty. Some warranties come with the purchase, but other companies may charge you more. Warranties usually cover any pre-existing damages to the product. However, there are some warranties you can get where the brakes and rotors need to last a certain time or mileage. If they do not, you can get your money back or a new set to put in your truck. Just read the fine print to help navigate warranties.


Types of Brakes


There are more brake options than most first believe. With a variety of companies looking for the best materials, you will find a plethora of compounds making up brakes these days. Some of the most common include semi-metallic, Ferro-Carbon, ceramic, and Aramid compound brakes.

  • Semi-Metallic

In terms of affordability, semi-metallic options are your best bet. Additionally, they stop very well, too. But, there are some cons to this version. They are one of the loudest brakes and a lot of dust comes from them. You may notice them wearing out sooner than most as well.

Think of these brakes as a great short-term choice, but not good for the long term. Depending on how much longer you are going to own your choice, think about that when thinking about your purchase. This will help save you precious time.

  • Ferro-Carbon

Ferro-Carbon is not a very well-known option, but keep them in mind. Most of the time, you will see Ferro-Carbon with the Hawk brake set. They have better-stopping power than even semi-metallic and your rotors will not get worn down either. Even though they can be loud, they are certainly not as noisy as semi-metallic options. They even cool down within minutes, as well. Still, they pretty much perform like semi-metallic but cost more in the process.

  • Ceramic

Ceramic brakes are one of the most common options on the market today. They put out little noise and dust will not be a problem for you either. But, they do not stop as quickly as semi-metallic varieties. Even when temperatures are extra cold, ceramic is probably not your best bet here.

Luckily, you will not deal with any brake fading. This means you can make a lot of stops, but your brakes will not pay the price. It sounds like a win-win to us.

  • Aramid Compound

You may have never heard of Aramid compounds before, but they are ideal for truck owners. They are a softer brake, which will save your rotors in the long run. These brakes are even softer than semi-metallic versions.

With stable stopping strength, they are perfect for driving on the highway or going around town. As a very durable option, these brakes are quieter than semi-metallics, but they are a little louder than ceramic brakes. They also sit right in the middle of brake varieties when it comes to the heat effect.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

In this day and age, there are a lot of questions people want to be answered about brakes and rotors. Here are some of the top ones to help you along. Then, you will be close to making your purchase for sure.

  • Q1: When should I replace my brake pads for the truck?

This is a very common question that is dependent on a few things. First, replacing the brakes depends on how often you use your vehicle and how harsh you push down on your pedal time after time. Still, most people seem to need to change their brakes between 35,000 and 60,000 miles.

  • Q2: Do I need to grease my brake pads?

If you are looking for great results, then the answer is yes. By greasing the back of your brake pads, you will be able to have your product last and last.

  • Q3: Can I keep old rotors on with new brakes?

This can be done, but the challenge is knowing if your rotors are still good or not. In the world of brakes and motors, you can usually tell based on appearance and the wear and tear. But, the rule of thumb is to replace your rotors when you replace your brakes for the best possible scenario.

  • Q4: How will I know when my brakes are done?

There are a few signs you can look out for before you pull the plug on getting new brakes. First off, extra dust can be a tell-tell sign. Also, if there is a lot of heating coming off the brakes, you may need a replacement. Even bruises on the rotor itself can bring about a warning sign for you.

  • Q: Does a Silverado 1500 have ABS brakes?

The most recent Silverados do have ABS brakes for 4-wheel. But, make sure to check out your owner’s manual before you take our word for it. Each model can be different, and this could change what brakes and rotors to buy.


Final Verdict

Now that we have come to the end of our journey together, it is time for you to make a big decision for your Silverado 1500. But, do not sweat it. You have all the tools to be successful and trust yourself. If you come into the buying process with a number in mind and the features you want, you will not be disappointed. Best of luck out there, and stay safe on the road of life. Happy driving and make sure to stop on a dime with your new brakes and rotors.

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