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1 New Technique to Quantify CH4 Oxidation and Encourage Field Implementation of Biocovers 2016, January Abichou, Tarek
2 Clogging of Leachate Collection Systems in Florida 2015, February Abichou, Tarek
3 Guidance Document to Reduce Greenhouse gas Emissions from Landfills 2009, May Abichou, Tarek
4 Field Performance of Biocells, Biocovers, and Biofilters to Mitigate Greenhouse Gas Emission from Landfills 2006, March Abichou, Tarek
5 Characterization of Methane Flux, Oxidation, and Bioreactive Cover Systems at the Leon County Landfill 2004, September Abichou, Tarek
6 Design of Cost Effective Lysimeters for Alternative Landfill Cover Demonstrations Projects 2004, March Abichou, Tarek
7 Bio-Reactive Landfill Cover Systems 2004, January Abichou, Tarek
8 Assessment of Alternative Earthen Final Covers for Florida Landfills 2003, March Abichou, Tarek
9 Evaluation of In-Situ DNAPL Remediation and Innovative Site Characterization Techniques 1999, May Annable, Michael
10 Compatibility of Incinerator Ash-Soil Mix as an Alternative Material for Landfill Liners and Covers 2003, July Ashmawy, Alaa
11 The Status of Antifreeze Management in Florida 1998, December Barger, Marilyn
12 Siloxanes in Biogas: Formation and Effect on Biogas Quality and Energy Costs 2016, May Berrin Tansel
13 Evaluating the Use of Construction and Demolition Debris as Alternative Ingredient Materials 2012, December Bezadan, Amir
14 Iron Reductive Dissolution in Landfill Impacted Soils: Prelminary Studies Towards the Development of a Predictive Tool for Iron Leaching Potentials 2012, December Bonzongo, Jean-Claude
15 Chemical and Physical Characteristics of Street Sweepings Sediments in Tampa, Florida 1999, May Brinkmann, Robert
16 Background Concentrations of Metals in Florida Soils 1997, April Brinkmann, Robert
17 Assessment of Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety Risks in Solid Waste Systems 2015, February Celik, Nurcin
18 Multi-Objective Agent-based Modeling and Optimization of Single Stream Recycling Programs 2013, August Celik, Nurcin
19 Simulation-Based Optimization for Planning of Effective Waste Reduction, Diversion, and Recycling 2012, November Celik, Nurcin
20 Analysis of Discarded CRTs in Florida 2010, June Chan Hilton, Amy
21 Design and Testing of a Multifunctional Energy- and Space-Saving Reactor for the Treatment of Landfill Leachate 2015, December Chen, Gang
22 Aerated Recirculation and Pressurized Suspended Fiber Biofiltration for the Treatment of Landfill Leachate 2014, December Chen, Gang
23 Usage of Microbial Fuel Cell Technology in Landfills. Year II. Enhanced Organic Compound Decomposi 2013, February Chen, gang
24 Comparison of Onsite Biological and Physicochemical Systems for the Treatment of Landfill Leachate w 2012, March Chen, Gang
25 Usage of Water-Filled Trench in Improving Groundwater Quality 2009, September Chen, Gang
26 Impact of Landfill Leachate on Iron Release from Northwest Florida Iron Rich Soils 2007, September Chen, Gang
27 Usage of Microbial Fuel Cell Technology to Prevent Iron Release nearby Landfills in NW Florida 2010, December Chen, Gang, Amy Chan Hilton, Kamal Tawfiq and Pawan Kumar Subramania
28 Suspended Fiber Biofiltration for the Treatment of Landfill Leachate - Incorporation of Advanced Oxidation and Phosphorous Removal in a Single Unit - (Year 2) 2017, March Chen,Gang
29 Developing Retention Indices and Modeling Transport of CCA in Florida Soils at Unlined Landfills 2004, March Clayton, Clark J II
30 Developing Re-Use Applications and Improving the Economic Benefits of Florida's Waste Materials 2006, August Consentino, Paul
31 Modeling Hydrogen Sulfide Emissions and Dispersion from C&D Sites in Florida 2011, April Cooper, C. David
32 Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling for Odor Buffer Distances from Florida Landfills 2009, June Cooper, C. David
33 Landfill Gas Emissions 1992, June Cooper, C. David
34 Air Pollution Emission Factors for Medical Waste Incinerators 1991, October Cooper, C. David
35 Landfill Gas Emissions 1990, May Cooper, C. David
36 Decentralized Landfill Leachate Treatment Systems That Produce Reusable Water For On-Site Irrigation 2004, July Cooper, William
37 The Use of Franchise Fees in Commericial Solid Waste Management in Florida 2000, September Droubay, Melvin
38 Evaluation of Composted Solid Wastes for St. Augustinegrass Sod Production 1994, December Dudeck, A.E.
39 Environmental Impacts of Auto Salvage Facilities and Their Regulation 2000, November Dzurik, Andrew
40 Options for Managing Municipal Landfill Leachate: Year 1 Development of Iron-Mediated Treatment Processes 2006, January Englehardt, James
41 Solid Waste Management Health and Safety Risks: Epidemiology and Assessment to Support Risk Reduction 2000, March Englehardt, James
42 Bioenergy Production from MSW by Solid-State Anaerobic Digestion 2017, March Ergas,Sarina
43 Litter from Solid Waste Collection Trucks 2002, March FCSHWM
44 The Florida Litter Study: 2002 2002, March FCSHWM
45 The Florida Litter Study: 2001 2001, March FCSHWM
46 The Florida Litter Study: 2000 2000, March FCSHWM
47 Data report: The Impact of Collection of Recyclabes and Refuse on a Suburban Neighborhood 1999, March FCSHWM
48 The Florida Litter Study: 1999 1999, March FCSHWM
49 The Florida Litter Study: 1998 1998, March FCSHWM
50 Mercury Reduction in Florida's Medical Facilities: Improving the Mangement of Mercury-Bearing Medical Wastes 1998, January FCSHWM
51 Fifth Annual Solid Waste Research Symposium 1997, October FCSHWM
52 The Florida Litter Study: 1997 1997, March FCSHWM
53 Mercury in Florida's Medical Facilities: Issues and Alternatives 1997, January FCSHWM
54 Fourth Annual Research Symposium: Proceedings 1996, October FCSHWM
55 The Florida Litter Study: 1996 1996, March FCSHWM
56 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Experts in Florida's Universities 1996, January FCSHWM
57 Third Annual Solid Waste Research Symposium: Proceedings 1995, August FCSHWM
58 Evaluation of the Health Impacts Associated With Commercial Hazardous Waste Incinerators 1995, July FCSHWM
59 Solid and Hazardous Waste Collection, Disposal, and Recycling in Florida 1995, April FCSHWM
60 Evaluation of the Health Impacts Associated With Commercial Hazardous Waste Incinerators: Summary Report 1995, April FCSHWM
61 The Florida Litter Study: 1995 1995, March FCSHWM
62 Second Annual Solid Waste Research Symposium: Proceedings 1994, October FCSHWM
63 The Florida Litter Study: 1994 1994, March FCSHWM
64 First Annual Solid Waste Research Symposium: Proceedings 1993, May FCSHWM
65 Solid and Hazardous Waste Collection, Disposal, Recycling and Public Education in Florida -- 1990 Survey Report 1991, January FCSHWM
66 Oil Spill Mitigation Agents Research Plan and Oil Spill Mitigation Agents Research Needs Workshop 1991, January FCSHWM
67 Recycling: Research and Education Needs 1989, October FCSHWM
68 Municipal Solid Waste Landfills: Problems and Issues - Conference Proceedings 1989, July FCSHWM
69 Municipal Solid Waste Landfills: Problems and Issues 1989, July FCSHWM
70 Moving Florida Waste Management Forward: Increasing Recycling Rate through Intergovernmental Collaborations across Local and County Governments 2017, March Feiock, Richard
71 Accounting for Employment Effects of Solid Waste Management Programs Across Industrial Categories and Levels of Government in Florida 2014, October Feiock, Richard
72 Putting Solid Waste to Work: A Longitudinal Study of Employment Effects of 1988 Florida Solid Waste Management Act 2013, September Feiock, Richard
73 Improved Design Methods for Evaluating the Performance of Landfill Double Liner Systems 1994, November Fluet, J.E. Jr.
74 Multifunctional Energy- and Space-Saving Reactor for the Treatment of Landfill Leachate. Year II. Incorporation of Electrocoagulation 2017, January Gang Chen
75 The Structural and Durability Performance of Glass Modified Concrete 2015, August Ghahremaninezhad, Ali
76 Thermal Disposal of CCA Treated Wood 2000, June Green, Alex E. S.
77 Modeling Supply and Demand for Recovered Materials: Paper and Plastics 1990, June Hall, Millard W.
78 Solid and Hazardous Waste Collection, Disposal, Recycling, and Public Education in Florida 1993, May Hawkins, Regina
79 Measurement of Solid Waste Diversion Through Voluntary Backyard Composting Activities of Alachua County Residents 2013, May HCSHWM
80 Identification of Potential Concerns Associated with FDOT Use of Ammoniated Fly Ash 2012, December HCSHWM
81 Sources and Fate of Lead, Cadmium and Mercury in the Resource Recovery Process 1994, December Heck, Howard
82 Evaluation of Environmental Monitoring at Sanitary Landfills in Florida 1990, May Herndon, Roy
83 A Continued Research Effort on High-Temperature Steam Gasification Using Specific Feed Stocks 2015, May Ingley, Skip
84 Experimental evaluation of high temperature steam gasification of municipal solid waste (MSW) 2013, February Ingley, Skip
85 Modeling the Leaching Behavior of Contaminants (CRT Metals) from Concrete for Life Cycle Performance 2013, February James, Jacqueline
86 Risk, Trust and Uncertainty: Public Opinion and its Role in Managing Environmentally Sensitive Facilities 2002, May Johnson, Renne
87 Hurricane Waste Management and Recycling: The Application of HAZUS-MH to Hurricane Debris Management in Florida 2009, August Kibert, Charles
88 Implementing Deconstruction in Florida: Materials Reuse Issues, Disassembly Techniques, Economics and Policy 2000, June Kibert, Charles
89 The Florida Litter Study Part I Early Planning Considerations 1993, March Korzun, Edwin
90 The Recycling of Energy Values in Municipal Solid Waste 1990, July Korzun, Edwin
91 Single Step Conversion of Landfill Gas to Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels 2015, September Kuhn, John
92 Syngas Production with Desired Hydrogen-to-Carbon Monoxide Ratios by Catalytic Tri-reforming of Land 2012, November Kuhn, John
93 Assessment of Biogeochemical Deposits in Landfill Leachate Drainage Systems 2005, February Levine, Audrey
94 Contamination of Sediments in Street Sweepings and Stormwater Systems: Pollutant Composition and Sediment Reuse Options 2001, January Liebens, Johan
95 Characterization of Coal Combustion Residuals in Florida using LEAF Methods 1313 and 1316 2015, September Ma, Lena
96 Characterization of Coal Combustion Residuals in Florida 2014, June Ma, Lena
97 Effectiveness of Two Best Management Practices (BMP) on Bullet Weathering in Shooting Range Soils 2014, January Ma, Lena
98 Chemical Characteristics of Ditch Cleanings in Florida 2013, February Ma, Lena
99 Concentrations of 8 RCRA Metals in Spent Gypsum Drywalls in Florida 2011, March Ma, Lena
100 Chemical Characteristics of Yard Waste in Florida 2009, March Ma, Lena
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